Mexico’s ‘Hottest Weather Girl Ever’ Yanet Garcia Flaunts World-Famous Derriere In Camouflage Thong Bikini

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Yanet Garcia is famous for more than her enthusiastic and informed weather presentations, having achieved a widely-known profile for her famous figure and her iconic physique. In one of her most recent shares posted to popular social media platform Instagram, the brunette bombshell put her world-famous derriere on full display, certainly pleasing the vast majority of her amorous audience in the process.

In this share, Yanet can be seen exiting what appears to be a stand-up shower, her hair still wet. Her iconic raven locks are clinging to the nape of her neck to crest her shoulders and fall down to the middle of her back. Her two-piece string bikini is designed to leave almost nothing to the imagination, hiding little of her modesty and showcasing every inch of her hourglass silhouette. Facing away from the camera with her head down in a demure, candid pose, Yanet lets her body do all of the talking.

Beyond her is a sun-drenched scenery, most of the details washed out save for a bit of foliage and some pretty fuchsia flowers. The stark white stone of her shower is flanked by stained wood detailing. If the trail of her most recent Instagram snapshots is any indication, Yanet appears to be spending the past few days at an idyllic beach resort.

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Saturday ☀️

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Captioning the sultry snap with a simple sunshine emoji, Yanet Garcia was quickly inundated by the response of her fans. Over 570,000 users took the time to give her cheeky picture a like, and more than 3,300 of her fans and followers spent the effort to write her a note in the comments section.

“Can we talk and be friends?” one user asked, punctuating their heartfelt question with a lone heart emoji. A second Instagram fan wrote, “Gorgeous figure!” followed by a heart-eyed emoji.

Yanet was deemed the “hottest weather girl ever” by TMZ, per YouTube, and this assessment has been echoed by several other prominent social media influencers as well, including the ever-popular Ozzy Man Reviews. In a humorous, yet expletive-laden breakdown of the Mexican model’s talents and allure, the YouTube personality from Perth, Australia — real name Ethan Marrell, Perth Now details — makes it clear that she has the capacity to be enthralling.

“Even if I did know Spanish and she told me that a freak tidal wave approaches. I’d be like ‘So what? I’ll live. It’s no worries. I have a snorkel.”

Besides Ozzy Man, Yanet Garcia currently boasts over 9 million other fans from every corner of the globe on Instagram.