From Razzie To Oscar, Ten Actors Nominated For Both (In The Same Year)

Melissa McCarthy this year accomplished a rare feat of picking up not only the dubious honor of a Razzie nomination, but a genuine Oscar nod as well. Though it turns out that it might not be that uncommon after all, as The Hollywood Reporter outlines a number of previous instances of actors and actresses picking up nominations spanning the very wide spectrum between the golden statue and the golden raspberry.

Here they are.

Eddie Redmayne (2016)

Redmayne was nominated for a Worst Supporting Actor award for his role as Balem Abrasax in the science fiction film Jupiter Ascending. His award redemption came in the form of a nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of Lili Elbe, one of the first women to undergo sex reassignment surgery, in The Danish Girl.

Sylvester Stallone (2016)

Stallone is no stranger to the Razzies, with more than 20 nominations over the years and a few trophies to boot, but in 2016 it was a Razzie Redeemer Award that complemented his Oscar nomination for his return to the role of Rocky Balboa in Creed.

Rooney Mara (2016)

Mara’s Razzie in 2016 came in the form of Worst Supporting Actress for her role as Princess Tiger Lily in the Peter Pan reboot Pan. She picked up her redemptive Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress as Therese Belivet, opposite Cate Blanchett in Carol.

Sandra Bullock (2010)

Bullock, in addition to her Razzie for her work in All About Steve, could have been eligible for a good sport award as well, after showing up personally to accept her award at the generally not star-studded award presentation. Her Oscar nomination that year came in recognition of her performance in The Blind Side.

Alec Baldwin (2004)

In a year when the Cat in the Hat took home Worst Film, Baldwin was nominated for his work in the movie for Worst Supporting Actor. He balanced that with an Oscar nomination in the same year for his work on The Cooler, where he played a Las Vegas casino boss.

Christopher Walken (2003)

In addition to a small collection of other Razzie nominations, previous Academy Award winner Walken earned a Razzie nomination for The Country Bears. On the other hand, he picked up another Oscar nomination for his role of Frank Abagnale, Sr., the father of Leonard DiCaprio’s protagonist in Catch Me If You Can. Walken’s previous Oscar win was for The Deer Hunter.

Uma Thurman (1995)


Thurman’s work in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues earned her a Worst Actress Razzy in 1995. Incidentally, it was the same year that she received her only Oscar nomination to date in perhaps her most iconic role: Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction.

Jack Nicholson (1993)

Nicholson may be a legend of the craft, but that didn’t stop him from picking up a Worst Actor nomination for his combined work in Hoffa and Man Trouble. Fortunately for Nicholson, he had already had two Oscars at that point and in 1993 also picked up a tenth nomination for A Few Good Men.

Amy Irving (1984)

What’s more unlikely than picking up an Oscar nomination and a Razzie nomination in the same year? Getting them for the same role. In 1984, Irving earned both Academy and Razzie recognition for her work in Yentl.

James Coco (1982)

Coco was an early Razzie nomination, picking up his in just the second year that the awards existed, and like Irving, picked up his nomination for a role in which he was also considered for an Oscar. The role was Jimmy Perrino in Only When I Laugh.