Jan Broberg Of ‘Abducted In Plain Sight’ Wants Millie Bobbie Brown To Portray Her In Film

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Warning: Spoilers for Netflix’s Abducted In Plain Sight Below.

By now everyone has heard of Netflix’s gripping documentary, Abducted in Plain Sight, and those who haven’t seen the drama unfold have likely stumbled across the many memes poking fun at the mind-boggling true story of the Broberg family and their neighbor, Robert Berchold. Now, the woman at the center of of the documentary, Jan Broberg Felt, says that calls from Hollywood producers have been pouring in — and that eventually a movie will be in the works that details the disturbing incidents that have haunted the family for years.

Broberg, whose young life was disrupted by the alleged molestation and eventual, repeated kidnapping by her neighbor, Berchold, told TMZ that she has been fielding calls and offers from several movie executives who want to bring the harrowing story to the big screen.

“You know, we have had some preliminary conversations, some offers, of people that are interested in making the story in a film — a feature film — or a series of some sort. And we’re just very cautiously looking at the possibilities and options that might be available. I want the story told correctly, and in the way that will help the most number of people,” Broberg shared in a video update to TMZ.

She called her vision for a film version of her disrupted youth something along the lines of This is Us that spans over the course of several years, mashed up with Breaking Bad, though instead of drugs being the center-focus of the series, it’s pedophilia.

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Broberg also revealed that when she brainstorms who she would want portray her in the film, the first person to come to mind is Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown, citing her small stature as similar to Broberg’s when she was younger. A fan of the show, she further said that she thinks Brown is a great actress, and has the chops to pull of some of the more difficult scenes.

She also said that she sees Ryan Gosling as the lead male, who is known for being a charismatic and charming actor who can turn dark at any given moment — exactly how she sees her perpetrator, Robert Berchold. Broberg also tossed around Christian Bale’s name as someone who could pull off the role of “B,” a friendly neighborhood father who has a disturbing and dark side to him. She quipped that both actors would probably love to get their hands on a script like this, and that it would be “so cool” for the actors to take on such a difficult and multifaceted role.