Tyga Gets Kicked Out Of Floyd Mayweather’s Birthday Party, Tries To Pull Gun

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Tyga created some drama at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party over the weekend. The rapper was seen being roughly pulled out of the club by security, and even reached for a gun in the chaos.

According to TMZ, Tyga was videotaped being pulled out of the Sunset Room in Hollywood while he was there to celebrate Floyd Mayweather’s 42nd birthday.

The rapper reportedly got into an argument with someone in the crowd and security decided not to let it escalate. They pulled Tyga away, and he resisted. They eventually grabbed him around the neck and dragged him out of the establishment as he was yelled and told them to “chill out.”

Later, looking agitated, Tyga went to his security guard, pulled up his jacket, and tried to get a hold of his gun. The guard quickly placed his hand over Tyga’s and fought the gun out of his hand. The guard looked upset with Tyga for trying to grab the gun, but luckily, no shots were fired and nothing came from the incident.

After a while, things finally began to calm down as the crowd surrounding the club continued to yell out and ask the rapper if he was okay following the scuffle. Tyga didn’t answer back — rather, he looked tense.

Instead, Tyga’s security guard seemed to take control as he talked the rapper down and then got in between Tyga’s friend and some people who were filming the incident. Finally, the men got into a car and left the club.

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Before all of the drama went down, TMZ caught Tyga on the way into Floyd Mayweather’s party and asked him about the situation with Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, Jordyn Woods, and his former girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

Tyga has been very close to the Kardashian-Jenner family and knows them well. He even shares a son with Blac Chyna, who is also the mother of Rob Kardashian’s daughter, Dream.

Tyga was asked if he believed Khloe and Jordyn could reconcile, after it was revealed that Woods had hooked up with Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, behind her back.

Jordyn’s close affiliation with Khloe and her family made the situation extra scandalous, as Woods has been best friends with Kylie Jenner for years. Jordyn was by Kylie’s side during her break up with Tyga, the start of her relationship with Travis Scott, her pregnancy, and her first year of motherhood. Now the relationship is said to be up in the air.

However, Tyga has nothing to say about the Kardashian drama. Instead, he decided to make a little of his own.