MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper Hasn’t Signed Deal Yet As Phillies Owner Leaves Vegas

Patrick SmithGetty Images

Bryce Harper may be nearing the end of his free agency, but he hasn’t signed a deal yet, despite meeting with the owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, John Middleton. The two met in Harper’s hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend.

It seems that Bryce Harper did not plan to sign on the dotted line for the Phillies during the meeting, and although reports are flying that the contract could be signed at any time, fans can’t help but wonder why Harper is dragging his feet.

Bleacher Report claims that although Middleton left Vegas without a signed contract from Bryce Harper, he feels “optimistic” that the Phillies will be able to sign the fan favorite slugger. He even stayed longer than he intended to, because both sides were “still in negotiations.”

Meanwhile, it seems that Middleton’s presence in Vegas wasn’t motivated by getting a deal done, but simply a meeting to talk to the home run hitter, get a feel for where his head is at, and possibly answer any questions that Bryce may have about the Phillies organization and what he could expect if he decided to sign with them.

According to a post on Twitter by MLB insider Jon Heyman, John Middleton met with Bryce Harper, but no deal has not been made official. Middleton left Las Vegas and Harper behind to return to his home in Florida and is likely hoping that he’ll be getting a call from Bryce’s agent in the coming hours.

“Middleton is now on his way back east, reports @JSalisburyNBCS this was the expectation yesterday. Middleton was not expected to close the deal in this meeting,” Heyman told his followers.

“While Philly appears to be in strong position, word is there is no deal yet with Bryce, and no expectation he will be returning east with Phillies owner John Middleton. ‘Just a meeting,’ is the official word. SF, SD, Wash, maybe 1 more still in the game to varying degrees,” the MLB insider previously wrote on Twitter, detailing the meeting between Middleton and Harper.

Bryce has been keeping the MLB rumor mill running as he’s taking plenty of time to make the decision about where he’ll play in the future. The all-star outfielder is said to be gunning for a huge contract, one that would give him over $300 million over the course of the next decade.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Harper’s colleague, Manny Machado, inked a $300 million deal with the San Diego Padres this week, and Harper is said to be looking to score an even bigger deal than Machado.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that Bryce may not like the city of Philadelphia, even if the Phillies can offer him the best contract. Harper is said to want to be out west where he’s closer to his hometown.

The Inquisitr also reported that if Bryce is dead set on playing out west, then he could turn to the San Francisco Giants as a last resort. However, the Phillies have remained the favorites to land Harper since it was announced that Machado would sign with the Padres.

Bryce Harper fans are now eagerly awaiting news of a decision, which could drop at any moment now.