‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Frank & Fiona Bond Over Alcohol

Chuck HodesShowtime

For weeks, fans of the Showtime hit series Shameless have watched as Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum) spiraled out of control. Some fans — including one on Twitter — haven’t been able to help but notice that Fiona is turning into a disgusting replica of her father, Frank (played by William H. Macy).

While most saw it coming for a while now — especially those who watched the promo teaser for tonight’s episode — Fiona and Frank finally manage to bond over their failures and their alcoholism.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers.

In tonight’s episode, Shameless fans will see a rare and softer side of the father-daughter relationship between Fiona and Frank, as the duo bond over being unemployed alcoholics. Frank embodies the role of a wise father and proceeds to give his daughter Fiona some much-needed advice about the direction her life is taking.

Toward the beginning of the episode, Frank learns that Fiona was fired for her job, and offers her tips on the best way to get unemployment benefits. According to Frank, it is crucial for her to go to the unemployment office and apply in person, to ensure they don’t lose her application. He also informs his daughter she just needs to “get creative” to find the money she needs to survive.

When a blackout rolls over Chicago, Frank seizes an opportunity to open up a supply shop, scamming desperate and panicking Southside residents out of their precious money.

William Macy confronts Jeremy Allen White on Emmy Rossum's behalf in Shameless
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Teaming up with a man who Frank refers to as “The Professor,” Frank is able to use the blackout to his advantage in order to make some money.

Further seizing an opportunity, Frank acknowledges his daughter’s pretty face and encourages her to go in on this blackout business venture with him. While Fiona willingly goes along with the business idea, she squeezes her father for an even 50 percent cut of the profits. Once everything is said and done, she proceeds to squeeze her father for another 10 percent, as she was the brains of the operation and did most of the work.

Toward the end of the episode, Frank hits his daughter with a hard reality check as he educated her on the fact that alcoholism isn’t for everyone. According to Frank, there are two different kinds of drunks in the world — those that hold their alcohol well, and those who do not. Frank proceeded to describe himself as “happy drunk,” before describing his daughter as a “bad drunk.”


He demonstrated his point by encouraging her to have a shot before asking her how she felt. When she admitted to feeling good, she started to take another shot only for her father to stop her and tell her she needed to pump the brakes.

According to Frank, Fiona had the nasty habit of taking alcohol past the point of being “good” and “fun,” which caused her to turn into an angry and aggressive drunk.

While Frank proceeded to clarify that he would never stop someone from drinking — seeing as how it’s his favorite hobby — he stood by his belief that not everyone was built for getting drunk.

New episodes of Shameless air every Sunday on Showtime.