Angela Simmons Flaunts Bikini Bod In Head-To-Toe Selfie On Instagram

Cooper NeillGetty Images

Angela Simmons shared a new selfie earlier today on Instagram, which showed her rocking a hot pink bikini. She posed in front of a full-length mirror for the head-to-toe photo, as she also added a second pop of color with a neon orange bandana in her hair. A bed was visible in the background, as Angela popped her right foot.

Simmons posts on social media fairly regularly, and keeps her fans updated on everything that’s going on in her life. This includes a post of her outfit yesterday, which featured all black. It included ripped jeans, boots, and a leather jacket. And a couple of days ago, Angela shared a photo of her almost all-black outfit, consisting of a shiny black bodysuit, which she paired with an oversized, furry jacket and neon yellow stilettos.

In addition, Angela often shares photos of her son. Thanks to her sense of style, he’s usually rocking some cute outfits. The most recent photo of him showed him playing on a toy car, as he wore a hoodie and matching pants with a backwards cap. The hoodie and pants were blue with neon green accents on the sides. He also wore tan boots, all from a brand called Little Giants.

Previously, Angela opened up to MAJIC about some of her personal details.

“I stay in pretty fitted clothes because anything overly baggy makes me look bigger,” she revealed.

“But being comfortable with my body came with taking care of myself, age, and working out. When I can’t work out, it drives me crazy.”

And her fans know how much Angela likes to work out, as she often posts snippets of her time at the gym as posts or stories. She also preaches the importance of “Built Not Bought,” which seems to tie into working out regularly. Additionally, Angela revealed that if she was forced to get a tattoo, that it would be “Something on my shoulder.”

“I’ve been thinking about it, getting words that are meaningful to me. I have like 7, but they’re all pretty much in hidden places. I have a tattoo on my head so at this point, I don’t think anything will hurt. It’s on the back of my head, higher up so I had to shave hair to do it.”

It’s possible that Angela’s gotten more tattoos since she gave the interview, but considering how she usually gets them in easily covered spots, it’s hard to know for sure.