Georgia Fowler Leans Down In Bikini-Style Top On Instagram

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Georgia Fowler shared a photo of herself leaning over to get a drink of water from a faucet on Instagram. The model wore an interesting bikini-style top, which consisted of a black band at the bottom and two different-colored fabrics for the bra portion. A yellow ribbon connected both sides of the fabric together, as it also went up and over her left shoulder.

The model is clearly on the move, sharing a selfie video from the plane, as well as alluding to a trip in her second-newest post. She also shared a video of herself talking about how she’s preparing for the Oscars with a facial and other beauty routines.

Fowler also recently stunned fans with a series of photos from the newest Maxim Magazine cover, which she graced. She posed topless in several of the shots, including the cover photo where she wore a shirt that was falling down her arms, leaving her chest exposed.

Prior to that, Georgia joked with fans that the beach at Malibu is “not as hot as it looks.” Regardless, she appeared in the photo in a thin-strapped top or bikini, as she accessorized with a pearl necklace. The ocean was visible in the backdrop, and the sun was low on the horizon.

The model is constantly on the move, which is just the lifestyle for successful people in the industry. She noted to Vogue her favorite things about travel.

“My favourite thing about having to travel so much for work is to just drive around city and be able to see different sights.”

“I like taking in the different cultures in the way that people dress differently in different cities, too. It’s not all like Paris, you know.”

And after years of working as a model, Georgia has also come to some realizations about rejections she’s dealt with in the past. Her thoughts have been echoed by other notable models in the industry, which further lends credibility to her statement.

“Getting cast isn’t really about whether you’re the most beautiful or not, it can be for so many reasons. I’d tell myself to take it all with a pinch of salt, and always love yourself and it’ll be okay. You can’t be everyone’s favourite, so you shouldn’t even try and change yourself.”

Certainly, it appears that Georgia has taken her own advice. Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful photos with humorous captions, which her fans have come to know and love.

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Warning- not as hot as it looks ❄️

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