Netflix Original ‘One Day At A Time’ At Risk Of Cancellation

Rachel LunaGetty Images

Netflix’s beloved original series, One Day at a Time, might not be returning to the service with a fourth season, despite its huge fan base.

The modern reboot of the late CBS sitcom launched on to the streaming service with its first season back in 2017. Before long, a new and younger generation had fallen head-over-heels for Gloria Calderon Kellett’s modernized retake on the timeless family comedy.

Unfortunately, despite positive reviews from critics and fans, PopSugar reports that Netflix has threatened the possibility of the show’s cancellation after only three seasons.

The original series, created by Norman Lear, featured a single Caucasian mother-of-two and the common issues they faced as a family.

According to Entertainment Weekly, one of the reasons the re-imagined take on the series resonates so well with audiences is the fact that the series features a single Latina mother and her family. The plot delves into many of today’s controversial issues such as immigration, discrimination, racism, and mental health. The series focuses on shedding light on heavy topics in a way that is both entertaining and thought provoking.

Despite being filmed in a traditional three wall studio set and being backed with a laugh track, the series is anything but dated. In addition to well-developed and entertaining characters, the show’s first three seasons have tackled everything from addiction and gender issues, to homosexuality and cultural obstacles.

The show’s writers have found a way to represent a highly underrepresented community without managing to isolate people outside that demographic.

Despite everything that the show has going for it, it is at risk of being cancelled.

One Day at a Time producer Gloria Calderon Kellett took to Twitter this past Thursday to tell fans that when she recently met with Netflix executives they “made it clear that they loved the show,” but that it’s not currently getting the views it needs to warrant the continuation of the project.


Kellett proceeded to tell fans of the series that if they want to save it from being cancelled they need to share it with their friends and encourage them to watch it too.

Gloria’s call to action has caused something of a frenzy among the show’s audience, as fans around the world are rallying their support on social media with posts of their own.

The hashtag “RenewODAAT” has begun trending worldwide thanks to massive amounts of support from viewers and celebrities, such as Gloria Estefan, Melissa Fumero, and Joe Manganiello.

As of now, the show’s future is in definite limbo, however, producers and fans remain hopeful that this burst of support will spark the views the show needs to prove to the head honchos at Netflix that a fourth season is worth their time.