Halsey And New Beau Yungblud Enjoy Fun Date At Disneyland

Joshua SudockGetty Images

Halsey seems to be having the time of her life with her new flame, alternative rock musician Yungblud. TMZ reports that the two were recently seen enjoying each other’s company at Disneyland. In a photo posted on their website, you can see them looking lovingly into each other’s eyes as they ride a carousel. The article also notes that they got on the Buzz Lightyear ride together and the Matterhorn.

Halsey posted a photo from their trip on her Instagram page, which featured Minnie Mouse. Yungblud isn’t in the photo and the caption doesn’t hint that he was with her.

“Escaped the grotto to hang wit my gal,” she wrote. “One of my favorite visits ever.”

Perhaps, she wanted to keep her photos of him private.

As TMZ notes, Halsey and Yungblud have been dating since November of last year and they got together after her breakup from Bay Area rapper G-Eazy last year. As The Inquistr previously reported, they allegedly split because of G-Eazy’s infidelity. Fans are convinced that the “Without Me” singer all but confirmed the cheating rumors during her recent performance of the song on Saturday Night Live. Halsey sang in front of a black backdrop covered by words written in white.

The longest line read, “I’m so sorry Ashley [the singer’s real name], I cheated.” The other messages said “at home in Los Angeles,” “in Austin,” “in New Orleans,” “in Boston NYC,” “London,” “Chicago,” and “more places I can’t even remember.”

But it clearly looks like Halsey has moved on since the breakup. She and Yungbud now have a song together call “11 Minutes.” In an interview with Billboard, Halsey revealed that she made the first move. They first met each other at a bar after she sent him a direct message with a black heart emoji. She later joked that she’s a “cougar” because she’s 24 and he’s 21.

“I discovered him really organically and I was totally blown away because I started everything in my career very organically — building a cult fan-base, creating a secret language, playing shows nonstop, touring my butt off for five years and really creating an environment that felt like a community.”

The admiration appeared to be mutual between them, as Yungblud added that he likes the way her mind works and credited Halsey for getting famed rock drummer Travis Barker to lend his talents to their first song together.

The video for “11 Minutes” currently has 2.1 million views on YouTube.