Steve McQueen Found Liam Neeson’s Revenge Comments Disturbing

Steven Rodney McQueen – who worked with Liam Neeson as the director of the thriller film titled Widows – has recently come forward to share his thoughts on the Irish actor’s recent comments regarding revenge and racism.

According to The Guardian, the 49-year-old British native director and screenwriter told BBC Radio 4’s Today he was “upset,” “disturbed,” and “disappointed” by Liam’s comments.

“You never know what’s in people’s minds. You just never know.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the comments McQueen is referring to, Neeson came under fire after revealing a deep desire to kill a random black man after learning a friend of his was raped by someone of color.

As The Guardian reminds us, the Irish actor blamed a “primal” and “medieval” desire on why he reacted in the way he did after his friend told him what had happened to her. He admittedly acknowledged his feelings were wrong, but he couldn’t control himself from having them at the time.

“I just find racism very funny and very stupid and very silly. It’s absurd. I don’t even know how to answer that question, if you have to get stupid to answer that question I would rather keep my intelligence,” McQueen added when asked whether he thought racism was a primal instinct – as Neeson claimed – or a learned behavior.

When the conversation shifted to discussing those – such as Whoopi Goldberg – who had come forward to defend Neeson for what he had said, McQueen pointed out the fact that it was impossible to identify whether or not a person is racist simply by looking at them.

During an appearance on Good Morning America, Liam opened up about having an understanding of the pain his revenge comments caused people. He, however, thought it was important to clarify the revenge comments he shared with the world happened a long time ago and didn’t reflect on who he was today, The Daily Mail recaps.

“I’m not racist, this was 40 years ago. I had a primal urge. I was trying to show honor for a friend I dearly loved, in a medieval fashion.”

McQueen isn’t the only individual who worked on Widows that has come forward to share their thoughts on what Liam’s comments on revenge and racism. His co-star, Michelle Rodriguez, insisted there was no way the 66-year-old Irish movie star could be racist because of the way he made out with Viola Davis in Widows.

For those who are unfamiliar with the film, Neeson’s character is married to Davis despite his internal struggle with being married to and having a child with a woman of color.

After being crucified on social media for her defense of Neeson, the 40-year-old actress later apologized for “poor use of an example” and “insensitive” words.