‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Channels His Dark Side Leaving Ryan Enraged

Michael YadaABC Press

General Hospital fans were holding their breaths last week as the walls are starting to close in on Ryan Chamberlain. Little does he know that a plan is in motion to bring him down. Unfortunately, Jordan’s plan hit a bit of a snag on Friday when she was run down by Drew, who suddenly went blind. This puts Franco fending for himself at Ferncliff.

According to the plan, Franco is expected to give an interview and let the world know how dark he has become. Of course, it isn’t true that he killed people, at least recently, but this is a way to bring the real serial killer out of hiding. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central teases that Lulu will be facing the person who she believes stabbed her. She will be doing the interview with Franco, as difficult as that will be for her.

Ryan is expected to be infuriated when he hears Franco boasting about his crimes. It will be even worse when Ava gets involved. In the recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, actor Jon Lindstrom explains that Ava will be going on about how dark Franco is, and that will be totally disturbing to Ryan. He wants all of her attention, especially when it comes to his crimes of genius. However, she still has no idea that he killed Kiki and the others. Ava still has her doubts that Franco is the one who killed Kiki, despite his guilty plea, but she certainly has no reason to suspect the man she is about to marry.

There is a possibility that Ryan will end up getting mad enough that he will inadvertently blurt out to Ava that he is the real killer. By the first week of March, General Hospital spoilers say that Ava will be stunned by something. It sounds like Ryan is about to be found out. More spoilers detail that Lulu will end up remembering exactly who was holding the knife when she was attacked, and it won’t be Franco’s face she sees.

There will be lots of drama ahead as this Ryan Chamberlain storyline eventually comes to an end. Viewers would love to see Ava turn on Ryan after she finds out that he killed her daughter. However, it could also be Jason who does away with Ryan. By the sounds of things to come, Carly may end up in the killer’s clutches before all is said and done. This isn’t good as Carly just found out that she is pregnant. Hopefully, the baby will be okay after the ordeal.

Keep watching General Hospital in the next couple of weeks to see exactly how Franco gets out of the dangerous situation he now finds himself in.