‘The Challenge: War Of The Worlds’ Stars Agree With Johnny Bananas Over Zach Nichols’ ‘Mistake’


Things have gotten pretty intense on Season 33 of MTV’s The Challenge after legend and veteran Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio was eliminated along with his partner, Morgan Willett, in the second elimination. It’s rare to see such a tenured cast member of the show get booted so early, meaning anything can happen on War of the Worlds.

On this past Wednesday’s episode, challengers competed in a seriously grimy competition where they had to travel across a mud pit with a ball and cross the finish line. There were fewer balls than there were competitors, which meant some players had to try and fight for a ball in the mud pit. At one point in the game, Zach Nichols was pinned down in the mud as he grasped onto a ball and eventually threw it to Wes Bergmann, who was standing all alone further down the pit. Zach’s move caused a major rift in his relationship with Bananas, who is now speaking out about the incident on Twitter.

Zach and Bananas have been friends for a long time on The Challenge. On the other hand, Wes and Bananas have always been each other’s number one enemy, which is why Zach’s play in the mud pit was confusing to so many. Bananas believes Zach and Wes were secretly working together and felt totally betrayed by his friend.

In a confessional, Zach said he simply made a mistake and didn’t mean to give the ball to Wes, who ultimately won, and he was further upset when he was called out by Bananas in the elimination round. Zach and his partner, Zahida Allen, ultimately sent Bananas and Morgan home, which caused Zach to tear up at the conclusion of the competition. If Wes had not won the mud pit challenge and made it into the tribunal, Bananas could very well still be in the game.

While it might have seemed to fans like a true accident, some of the co-stars on War of the Worlds are siding with Bananas saying it wasn’t an accident at all.

A longtime enemy of Zach, Amanda Garcia, shared her sentiments on the whole incident on Twitter.

“Was it also accidental when he told Wes to tell me to pick you guys to go against if we were thrown in, instead of choosing him? Hmmmm. ACCIDENTS ARE CRAZY,” she tweeted.

According to Amanda, Zach told Wes to tell her to choose Bananas and Morgan to fight in the Killing Floor and not Zach and Zahida. At the end of her tweet, Amanda also called Zach a fraud.

A newcomer to The Challenge and two-time Survivor: Turkey winner Turbo Turabi also shared several images of Zach’s ball toss to Wes on Twitter, adding captions which hinted that it wasn’t a mistake at all.

Fans are completely divided down the middle on the Bananas/Zach drama and it might take until the reunion for anyone to get an answer on whether Zach and Wes really were working together. Bananas also noted on Twitter that Zach makes an effort to not talk game moves in front of cameras, and Wes is notorious for making deals with players before The Challenge even begins filming.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.