Wife Allegedly Pours Boiling Water On Cheating Husband’s Penis

An angry wife allegedly poured boiling water on her husband’s penis after he came back from spending time with his mistress. When Nefer Netan came home, he did not know that his wife, Yolivel Lopez, had chatted with his mistress on the phone earlier in the day. The mistress allegedly told the wife that Netan loved her more during the phone conversation earlier in the day.

The mistress reportedly told the wife about the affair, MSN reports. Yolivel Lopez allegedly waited until her husband fell asleep, and then poured scalding hot water on his genital region. Neighbors in the Colombian town near Cerete reportedly heard the man’s screams several houses away. One neighbor stated that Nefer Netan’s screams “pierced the night sky.”

When Netan returned home in the wee hours of the morning, he told his wife that he had been out tossing back a few drinks with friends, the New York Daily News reports. Neighbors told reporters from a El Meridiano that waited the wife waited for her husband to eat and fall asleep before boiling the water. When the liquid reached the desired high temperature, the scorned wife allegedly took carried the boiling pot with a towel and walked into the bedroom.

Community leader Pedro Padilla stated that everything unfolded very quickly. Nefer Netan is a contractor who owns several of his own trucks. Doctors reportedly stated that the Colombian man’s penis was “utterly destroyed” by the scalding hot water. Yolivel Lope had not been seen since the alleged hot water pouring attack.

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