‘Fast & Furious’ Director Rob Cohen Denies He Sexually Abused His Daughter

Mark MainzGetty Images

Director Rob Cohen, best known for directing The Fast and the Furious, is being accused of sexual assault by his own daughter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 32-year-old Valkyrie Weather made a public Facebook post on February 21 where she revealed her father molested her as a child. Weather is a transgender woman and was known as Kyle Cohen when the alleged crimes took place. She claims her mother and Cohen’s first wife, Diana Mitzer, helped her piece together fragmented memories of her childhood that point towards her father molesting her. Mitzer allegedly told Weather that she witnessed Cohen molest her when she was around 2 years old.

Weather went on to tell The Hollywood Reporter that while she remembers the pain and certain parts of the molestation, she didn’t remember who the specific assailant was until Mitzer revealed to her in 2017 that she actually witnessed Cohen in the act. Weather says that she was furious with her mother for not removing her from the situation as a child and keeping the molestation a secret. She broke off contact with Mitzer as a result of the confession, but they are currently working on mending their relationship.

Weather also alleges that Cohen took her to see sex workers when she was only 13 years old. She theorizes this was because her father was already in fear of her gender identity.

“I demonstrated from a very early age that I was probably trans and queer, and that was not the child that my dad wanted,” she said. “I have my own theory that he thinks that he broke me when he molested me and he was somehow trying to undo that damage by hetero-sexualizing me from a very young age.”

Weather eventually wrote a long e-mail to her father where she confronted him about the abuse. Cohen said in his response to her that these allegations are a result of her mother’s “psychosis,” even likening her to the infamous “Son of Sam” serial killer. After the allegations went public, Cohen released a lengthy statement to the public where he seems to argue that this is the case.

“When Valkyrie’s (Kyle at the time) mom and I were getting divorced, she accused me during the custody court proceedings of many things, including a similar accusation to this one,” he recounted.

Cohen goes on to say that a court-appointed psychiatrist gave him full custody of Valkyrie despite Mitzer’s accusations. His ex-wife then filed an appeal, resulting in Cohen being rewarded full custody again. At age 14, Weather was able to have a say in who she wanted to live with, and she chose her father. Cohen also denies that he has any problem with his daughter’s identity, and that she has had his “continued love and support” regarding the situation.

“I pray that she will come to know the truth, and that one day in the future, we can all be whole again,” Cohen said.