Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Hint At Jordan’s Fate As Curtis Faces Heartbreak

Craig SjodinABC

New General Hospital spoilers provide some additional information about what is coming up next with Jordan and Curtis. Viewers were left with a major cliffhanger at the end of Friday’s show, and by the sounds of things, it’s not going to be an easy path forward for these newlyweds.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Curtis will be entirely focused on Jordan’s condition throughout the upcoming week. She Knows Soaps indicates that fans will see part of what comes next during Monday’s episode as Curtis holds vigil, likely at General Hospital. Spoilers signal that things will get more difficult for Jordan before she’s in the clear, but at this point, it sounds as if she’ll survive.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest shares some General Hospital spoilers from actor Donnell Turner (Curtis). He noted that he loves actress Briana Henry, who took over the role of Jordan from Vinessa Antoine a few months ago. Turner teases that there will be a lot of tears from Curtis as he faces his wife’s medical crisis, and the next few episodes will contain a lot of heartbreak.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Drew will approach Curtis outside of Jordan’s room to talk about how awful he feels about the accident. Luckily, Curtis will understand that it truly was an accident, and he won’t hold any hard feelings over Drew’s involvement.

Jordan will soon take a turn for the worse, though, and she’ll be rushed into surgery. Things won’t look good for her at this point, and that’ll prompt a new wave of worry and heartbreak for Curtis.

“This is a woman he has known for 20-plus years, first as a friend, then as a partner. This is a woman he has had love for, in different ways, for a lot of years, and then it grew to him realizing that he has been in love with her all along. Now, he’s seeing her in the hospital and this prognosis doesn’t look good.”


TJ, Stella, and Molly will all be with Curtis to lend their support as Jordan goes through her surgery. They’ll do their best to remain optimistic, but General Hospital spoilers hint that it’ll take until the end of the week for the group to get a sense of what comes next.

Finn will fill Curtis in on what Jordan is facing in the days and weeks ahead, and General Hospital spoilers share that Curtis will hop into “fixer mode.” He’ll make it his top priority to help Jordan pull through, and it does sound as if she will recover, albeit slowly.

Fans are hanging on the edges of their seats to see how this all plays out. Franco will be stuck for the moment, as nobody but Jordan knows of the plan they implemented. Kevin and Laura are trapped in the basement of Ferncliff, and Ryan is anxious to marry Ava and rush her out of Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers tease that it’s going to be a wild ride over the course of the next few episodes, and viewers won’t want to miss any of what’s coming up next.