‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Underwood Worries About Being A ‘Backup Plan,’ Teaser Hints At Upcoming Fence Jump

Josh VertucciABC

The hometown dates are typically a nerve-wracking experience for any Bachelor or Bachelorette lead. Facing four families and the questions they have can generate a lot of stress, and spoilers for Colton Underwood’s hometowns hint that he may struggle more than some.

Viewers watched in Episode 7 as Colton tried to sort through questions that had been raised about some ladies not being in his group for the right reasons. Now People breaks down a couple of significant teasers from the preview for Episode 8 and beyond, and there are clearly some intense moments on the way.

Some of the ladies he’s kept around have been quite distressing for Underwood, and this worry will continue to plague him. The Bachelor spoilers detail that there will be an especially emotional confessional coming up during one of the next few episodes where Colton voices doubt that he’s headed in the right direct.

“I don’t know what the future holds for me.”

In addition, Underwood will fret about choosing a lady who isn’t interested in an engagement. Colton has noted repeatedly, since taking on the Bachelor gig, that he intends to be engaged at the end of his journey.

Now, however, he finds himself going on hometown dates with two of the four ladies specifically named by Tayshia as perhaps not being on the same page. Will he manage to gain any clarity during the hometowns? It doesn’t sound like he gets to the point he wants to be, sadly.

“I don’t deserve to be anybody’s backup plan.”

In addition to those emotional moments, the latest sneak peek for the remainder of the season again teases the big fence jump that has been heavily hyped since the premiere. The Bachelor spoilers have previously revealed that this fence jump happens in conjunction with the overnight fantasy suites.

Colton and others have had a tendency to tease this jump each week, suggesting that it’s in whatever episode is set to air next. However, Underwood himself has already admitted that the buzzworthy moment comes during his post-hometown dates.

While viewers will have to wait to find out for certain, it seems fairly likely that the jump will come at the end of the show set to air on Monday, March 11. The final scenes of the season, along with the “After the Final Rose” special, will then air on Tuesday, March 12.

Thus far, Colton has held back from sharing anything specific regarding how his journey ends. He’s said he’s happy with the experience, but he has yet to reveal whether he’s engaged or even with a lady from his season.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, he has said that The Bachelor spoilers floating around are incorrect in some way. However, Colton Underwood hasn’t explained how they’re supposedly wrong and spoiler king Reality Steve stands by his teasers. Fans are anxious to see how the rest of the season plays out and it definitely sounds like it will be a wild ride.