British Comedian Russell Howard Jokes That Trump Employees Should 'S**t' In Every Golf Course Hole

For over a year, comedian and talk show host Russell Howard has been joking about people defecating in the holes on various Trump golf courses, and on this week's episode of The Russell Howard Hour, he said it was the duty of all Trump golf course employees to make sure they "s**t" in every hole on every course.

The joke started in 2017 when according to The Daily Record, Howard says that as part of his birthday celebration, he wanted to visit The Trump International Golf Links in Scotland while on his comedy tour in Aberdeen, Scotland, and celebrate with his brother Daniel by breaking in and using the restroom in each hole.

"I'm going to ask my brother to come with me. Trump's golf course is up the road. I'm going to try and get him to take a s*** in every hole."
Howard says that his brother will be happy to swap a few pints at the local pub for "a midnight raid on the most powerful man in the western world's sports venue."

This joke got big laughs, and so Howard drops it in periodically among other Trump-related jokes on his weekly show.

But on The Russell Howard Hour this week on YouTube, the comedian joked that on all Trump golf courses, employees need to fill each and every hole on the properties to show the president what they think.

Despite being a British show, Howard includes American guests including comedian Michelle Wolf, who talked at length about roasting and trolling the president at The White House Correspondents' Association Dinner and in her standup routine, says Forbes. Howard asked what it was like to troll and be trolled by the president.

Wolf joked that she doesn't have Twitter on her phone, so the first time Trump mentioned her on his Twitter page, she couldn't tweet back until she got home. She says that friends texted her to tell her that Trump was trolling her on social media.

"I was out at a show in Brooklyn and I get all these text messages that the president had tweeted about me. I was like, 'Well I can't do anything about this. I'm like 45 minutes away from my apartment!'"
Trump tweeted that Wolf bombed at the White House event, and said that it was awful because they included comedians. In response, Wolf made a joke relating to the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, saying that she bets Trump would be on her side if she "killed a journalist."