Drew Barrymore Celebrates Her 44th Birthday With Adorable Throwback Photo On Instagram

Drew Barrymore brought in her birthday with a Flashback Friday from during her child actor past.

The Santa Clarita Diet star has been in the entertainment industry since her debut film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982. Barrymore shared a photo of herself at the 1982 Academy Awards. In the photo, a young Barrymore is smiling and waving to the public as she wears a pink gown with a white fur shawl. The post was followed by more than 2,000 "Happy Birthday" wishes from Barrymore's fans. The mother of two also received more than 180,000 likes on her nostalgic posts.

In addition to her throwback photo, Barrymore also posted a screenshot text from Zitomer pharmacy, who also wished the star a happy birthday the day before the star turned 44. Upon posting the photo, Barrymore captioned that the pharmacy "is heaven."

The 50 First Dates star kept the birthday train running with more photos on her big day. She posted a photo of herself wearing a red photo and staring straight at the camera. In the photo, Barrymore is sporting a fresh face and is all smiles.

"[Forty-four] and NEVER BETTER," she captioned. "Go shorty, it's my birthday."

Barrymore has been transparent about the importance of aging gracefully. She currently has a beauty line, Flower Beauty, which consists of cruelty-free cosmetics, and told Glamour UK in January that plastic surgery isn't an option for the Never Been Kissed actress.

"Not messing with my face or chasing some unnatural beauty is a standard I live by," she said. "I have dark circles under my eyes. I was at my dermatologist's recently who said to me, 'Can I shoot some Juvederm up there? It will raise the skin and it won't be so sunken, which is causing the darkness to look worse, because it's lower than the natural light that is hitting it.' And I went: 'No, but I'm gonna go home and start highlighting under my eyes, so thank you for the tip!'"

She went on to say that aging is something she chooses to embrace. Barrymore also told the magazine that her daughters inspired her to be proud of aging in a natural way.

"I feel aging is a privilege," the Riding in Cars with Boys star said. "It's about how to do it gracefully, with humor, self-love and a respect for the process, and that's always been really important to me."

Barrymore's career is seemingly aging gracefully as well. The third season of her hit Netflix show, Santa Clarita Diet, is set to premiere in March. Barrymore is also currently filming The Stand opposite Ellie Kemper.