Spoilers For 'The Bachelor': Colton And Cassie Embrace Surfing And PDA During Episode 8 Hometown Date

The sparks have been flying between Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor this winter and up next for the duo is their hometown date. Some spoilers about this date have emerged and it looks like things will get intense and steamy as these two spend time together.

According to ABC, Colton's hometown date with Cassie will be shown last during Episode 8 airing on Monday, February 25. The Bachelor spoilers from the network tease that during this time together, Cassie's parents may actually confuse her as she tries to sort through her feelings rather than help.

The preview teases that there are some awkward moments ahead as Underwood meets the Randolph family. However, the earlier part of the date will seemingly go quite well.

ABC has shared a sneak peek video into Cassie and Colton's hometown date in Huntington Beach, California. The preview shows Colton running toward Cassie on a beach as she waves at him from a boat before running into his arms to give him a kiss.

As soon as they are together, the two Bachelor stars talk about how much they've missed one another. While the hometowns aren't always shown in the order they are filmed, in this case, it seems that Randolph's was the last of the four.

Spoiler king Reality Steve has noted that Colton and Cassie's date was filmed five days or so after Underwood's first hometown. Given that, it had been several days since these two had seen one another.

Randolph tells Underwood that they're going to surf together and she's going to give him the first surfing lesson she's ever given anybody. Surfing apparently is brand-new to Colton and he seems excited to have this California girl show him the ropes.

The preview for Episode 8 shared via Twitter shows some tidbits from Cassie and Colton's time with her family and it looks like there are some ups and downs. The Bachelor spoilers show that her dad will talk about how he tries not to rush to judgment, but when talking with his daughter, he'll also voice concern about how there are still several other women in the picture.

By all accounts, some of Underwood's other hometown dates go very well. In fact, as the Inquisitr shared earlier, Colton will even tell one other bachelorette that he's realized he's falling in love with her.

How will these earlier dates impact Colton's decision about whether to keep Cassie around? The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Underwood will feel stressed as he faces his rose ceremony after these hometowns. However, as the Inquisitr has noted, Reality Steve's spoilers have detailed that Randolph will get a rose.

It sounds as if Episode 8 airing on Monday, February 25, will be an intense one. The Bachelor spoilers hint that Colton Underwood will struggle with some of these upcoming decisions and there are major shakeups on the way that viewers will not want to miss.