'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Is Thinking About Adopting Third Baby

Ali Fedotowsky and her husband Kevin Manno are thinking about having another kid and are considering adoption this time, according to Us Weekly.

Fedotowsky and Manno started their family while they were still engaged, giving birth to their daughter Molly in 2016. After marrying in 2017, they gave birth to a son, Riley, in 2018.

After the birth of Riley, Fedotowsky told reporters that she and her husband were done having children, no question about it.

"We're talking about vasectomies. Like, we are done. I've done enough, OK? I've had children, I've been through pregnancy, labor. He can do something this time."
Yet it seems that after having Riley in their life for a few months, the former Bachelorette and her husband are considering bringing another member into their family, just not one she has to carry to term.

According to Fedotowsky, the thought behind adopting a child is that they'd be helping someone who has already been brought into this world and needs a home.

It would also spare her from the grueling ordeal of being pregnant for nine months, which can cause major health issues and put a strain on both her marriage and her career.

Not to mention she'd still be raising two young children during those nine months.

"I like the idea of having a big family, but not being pregnant," she says about her and her husband's thought of considering adoption.

Neither Fedotowsky nor her husband has stated just how many children they're considering. There's no telling just how big, a big family is considering they were done and finished after their second not more than a few months ago.

In an earlier report by Us Weekly, Fedotowsky admitted that having Riley put a strain on her marriage.

She stated that they were always tired and would "snap at each other." It also didn't help that the two children seemingly knew which buttons to push to send them over the edge.

Fedotowsky said sometimes they just allowed the fighting to happen to get it over with and get it out of their systems.

She believes that they need to do more to be a couple in front of their children. Since Molly was born in 2016, Fedotowsky claims that she and her husband hadn't been out to eat more than 10 times together during those three years and that's unacceptable.

She's also realizing that she and her husband aren't displaying enough affection in front of the children after their daughter Molly was uncomfortable with them hugging and kissing around her.

It seems Fedotowsky and Manno are working out the kinks of their new family dynamic and making it work. It must be going fairly well considering they are already thinking about adopting a third child.