Amber Heard Flaunts Her Assets With Now-Deleted Instagram Post

Amber Heard left little to the imagination with a now-deleted photo posted on Instagram.

The picture was posted to promote Heard's soon-to-be-released film Her Smell, which chronicles a punk singer's struggle with losing fame. Accordingly, the actress posed as a rockstar for the photo.

True to the spirit of rock and roll, Heard was carelessly laying on a black leather sofa, with her body fully spread out in a pose that couldn't be more comfortable. Her toned arms were stretched out, drawing all attention to her ravishing cleavage.

Heard's attire was chosen specifically for the occasion: she wore a brazenly provocative, sheer black vest that barely covered up her nipples and a pair of trousers made of a silver-colored, glittery fabric. While her body was on full display in the photo, her beautiful face was mostly covered up by an enormous, wide-brimmed black hat. Her naturally full, sultry lips peeked out from underneath the gigantic accessory, which made the whole picture all the more beguiling.

Unfortunately, the photo is no longer up on Amber's Instagram account, but it certainly drew massive attention from fans during its brief appearance.

Heard plays the role of Zelda E. Zekiel in the film, joining an all-female cast comprised of Elizabeth Moss, Cara Delevingne, Agyness Deyn, and the like. According to Indie Wire, the full feature follows a punk rock singer's sudden rise to fame and her subsequent vanishing into obscurity. This explains the brazen style of the photograph Heard posted on Instagram as well: to align with the visual world of the film, she opted for a more rebellious aesthetic.

Though Her Smell might have been Heard's first opportunity to work with an all-female cast, the actress is renowned for her strong, feminist stances. In November 2018, she made the rounds by suing the producers of London Fields for using a body double to make it appear as though she had participated in sex scenes she didn't consent to. As she told The Times back then, it was of her prerogative to set a precedent and to take up a stance against sexist sentiment in general, and thus, taking legal action was inevitable. Furthermore, in an interview published by Elle, she also expressed a firm interest in fighting for gender equality on all levels, whether it be the personal or political.

"I get sick of the damsel in distress narrative as much as anyone, maybe, considering this is my line of work, perhaps more. The average viewer doesn't want to see the same formulaic approach that's outdated and two-dimensional and represents women in a very narrow light. It's boring and un-compelling for, not just a female audience, but for men as well."