Jordyn Woods Is Begging Kylie Jenner To Take Her Back, According To 'Radar Online'

Jordyn Woods reportedly wants back to be back in Kylie Jenner's good graces ASAP.

According to Radar Online, Woods has been attempting to make her way back into Kylie's life once again after the cheating scandal that shook up their friendship. Right now, Woods has reportedly moved back in with her mother and as the reality of the drastic change in her life sinks in, Jordyn is desperate to get back in the Kardashians' inner circle. A source close to Woods claims that she has been reaching out to Kylie non-stop since news of the infidelity broke.

"Jordyn has been blowing up Kylie's phone. The situation is starting to get really awkward."
At first, Kylie couldn't even fathom that Jordyn would actually stoop so low as to cheat with her sister Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend Tristan Thompson. But after Tristan came clean to Khloe and admitted that he and Jordyn did have a little fling, Kylie came to her senses and realized that she had indeed been betrayed by her now-former BFF.

While some reports suggest that Kylie and Jordyn had a blowout fight, causing Kylie to kick Jordyn out of her Hidden Hills guest house, this source shares that Woods left on her own free will after knowing that she had put herself in a really awkward situation.

"Jordyn knew that she had to go, and she didn't want to be at Kylie's house when Khloe arrived," the source dished. "She doesn't really want to see any of the Kardashians."

As fans and followers know, the Kardashians' world was rocked earlier this week when they found out that their longtime family friend and BFF of Kylie Jenner was caught hooking up with Tristan Thompson at a house party. At first, nobody in the Kardashian family believed that the scandal had actually happened, but once they spoke to a few people who were at the same party, it was confirmed that Jordyn and Tristan were, in fact, "all over each other."

Since she has been blacklisted by the Kardashian family, The Inquisitr shared that Jordyn is reeling from her uncharacteristic actions. A source close to Woods says that she is currently "living her worst nightmare," and she is totally regretting what she did. The 21-year-old knows that her actions turned her world upside down and things will likely never be the same.

"She's completely distraught and knows she has lost everything," a source shared. "Her life will never be the same."

Now, Woods is looking for the next step in her life and as it turns out, she may be a waitress in the near future. According to The Inquisitr, Woods was spotted at Lisa Vanderpump's West Los Angeles hotspot, SUR, where she was reportedly handing in her resume to be a server.

It will be interesting to see how all the drama ends up panning out.