Reese Witherspoon Seeks To Empower Women With New Lipstick

Reese Witherspoon is collaborating with Elizabeth Arden to release a new brand of lipstick to help support equal rights for women around the globe, according to People.

A year ago, Witherspoon joined Elizabeth Arden's ranks as Storyteller-in-Chief to start the March On campaign. It was a women's empowerment initiative to seek equal rights for women around the world.

They released a new line of lipstick called charitable red on International Women's Day March 8, 2018, to bring awareness to the campaign and raise funding for UN Women.

According to the UN Women website, the organization operates worldwide to pass policies and implement standards to empower women. They fight for things like equal pay for women, positions in government, work that provides a living wage, freedom from violence, and involving women in humanitarian work.

"With March On, Elizabeth Arden gives the power of red lipstick a whole new meaning. Not only does it symbolize feminine power and solidarity, but it will also contribute to creating a world where gender equality can become a reality," stated Witherspoon about the release.

Reese Witherspoon at HBO's 2019 Winter Television Critics Association
Getty Images | Frederick M. Brown

To help the UN Women's organization, Elizabeth Arden donated $1 million and 100 percent of the lipsticks earnings.

The effort was so successful that both Elizabeth Arden and Witherspoon have decided to continue the campaign this year by revamping the Pink Punch shade that originally came from the Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick brand.

"It's a strong color that inspires optimism, so it felt like the perfect color for our March On campaign," Witherspoon said about the Pink Punch shade.

In commemoration for this year's fight for women's rights, they have redesigned the tube and Witherspoon's signature will be on every container.

The latest push to fuel the fight for women's rights around the world represents Witherspoon's continued activism for a cause she became passionate about years ago. In addition to her work with Elizabeth Arden, Witherspoon also founded the Hello Sunshine media brand, according to Global Citizen.

Hello Sunshine was founded shortly after Witherspoon's frustration with Hollywood for failing to represent women accurately in various forms of media. She created the brand to produce media that is "anchored in storytelling, creating, and discovering content that celebrates women and puts them at the center of the story," according to Witherspoon.

Her effort, through projects like the new lipstick release and Hello Sunshine, is to empower and to inspire women to be the best they can be and not let societal standards and expectations limit them and their dreams.