Ivanka Trump's Former Stalker Is Now Focusing On Other Celebrities

Ivanka Trump was once stalked and harassed by a crazed man two years prior to her father running for president. Justin Massler previously ran the Ivanka Trump Fan Blog, in which he professed his love for her and claimed that he would allow nothing to get in his way from marrying her. The 27-year-old was later diagnosed with schizophrenia, which he says is what caused his persistent pursuit of Ivanka. The stalking went on for years before he was eventually arrested for violating a restraining order intended to protect Ivanka, according to Express.

Along with his incessant idolization of Ivanka, Massler also criticized her for her social status, calling her "a ­diseased elitist" on his Twitter account. Even when risking legal trouble, Massler just couldn't stop. He reportedly entered the model's store and threatened to kill himself if she did not provide him with her autograph. Following his 2011 arrest, his mother, Randee Massler, issued a public apology on behalf of her son's actions. She sympathized with the Trump family, who were undoubtedly terrified for Ivanka's safety.

"He wrote nasty things and crossed the line. I can feel for Ivanka Trump and her family. If he caused her to be afraid, I'm very sorry for that."
It was difficult to prosecute Massler, who was deemed by medical professionals to be psychologically unfit for trial for many months. Finally, he pleaded guilty in 2012 for harassment charges and criminal contempt. He was sentenced to six months in jail, which he had already served before trial. Thus, he was released with five years of probation. During this time, Massler was required to seek medical help for his mental disorders and receive medication for his schizophrenia at a Nevada-based medical facility. In addition, he was to have no contact with Ivanka in any form.
Ivanka thought she was finally free from her aggressor's pursuit. Nevertheless, Massler fled the facility where was receiving treatment in 2016. He immediately traveled to Manhattan and booked a hotel room just one block away from Trump Tower in hopes of running into Ivanka. Secret Service immediately became aware that he was in New York and arrested him.

Following his second arrest, Massler seems to have lost interest in the president's daughter. With hoards of security now surrounding her at all times, it is much more difficult to gain access to her. He is now targeting other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian. He's made egregious claims stating that she is the mother of his children, according to The Daily Mail. Kim's agency shut down his efforts quickly by filing a restraining order against him in 2017. However, such attempts haven't slowed him down in the past and no one knows when Massler might decide to strike next.