Ivanka Trump Gets Dragged On Twitter For White House 'Driver For Science' Retweet

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter Thursday to retweet a message praising her father's administration for being a "driver for science," compelling users to point out that has not quite been the case, reports The Huffington Post.

On Thursday, the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) shared a tweet praising the Trump Administration for being an "active and meaningful driver" of policies regarding science and technology.

Trump shared the post, which immediately received a wave of replies, many of them sarcastic and dismissive.

One user wrote, "I'm not so sure that denying climate change and randomly repeating the words 'space force' qualify as advancements in science and technology."

Another shared, "You left out the word 'denial' after science."

A third user posted, "Is it April 1 already?"

Another user wrote, "Trump Administration 'driving skills' leave much to be desired. Driving science and technology into a 19th century gutter? Not worth crowing about."

The original tweet was posted by the White House Office of Science and Technology after issuing a report titled "Science & Technology Highlights in the Second Year of the Trump Administration."

President Donald Trump has continually expressed skepticism about issues pertaining to science and the dangers of climate change since the beginning of his presidency.

On Wednesday, Trump assembled the Presidential Committee on Climate Security "to question the findings of federal scientists and experts on climate change" and counter warnings from the scientific community, according to The Washington Post.

President Trump picked William Happer to head the committee. Happer once compared the "demonization" of CO2 to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. Happer has said having higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is beneficial. He reportedly has no experience in climatology.

Last year, the federal government released an almost 1,700-page report describing the imminent risks posed by climate change to the population, including groups such as low-income and marginalized people. The report stated that continuing climate change would affect "human health and safety, quality of life, and the rate of economic growth."

Trump responded by saying, "We're the cleanest we've ever been."

The "Science & Technology Highlights in the Second Year of the Trump Administration" praised the work done to expand mobile networks, advanced manufacturing strategies and "reviving" nuclear energy.

There are no references to climate change or global warming in the report.

"The Trump Administration is ensuring the future is built in America by American workers for the good of the American people and true to American values," the report said.