North West Lands Her First Magazine Cover

North West was chosen as the cover star of the February issue of WWD Beauty.

It didn't take long for the 5-year-old to follow her mother, Kim Kardashian's footsteps. As The Daily Mail reports, she already features in one of the most reputed fashion and beauty magazines in America.

The cover photo captures North in the cutest poses of all times. Wearing a raspberry-colored, transparent raincoat and rainbow-colored boots, she displays the signs of a highly evolved sense of fashion for her age. Her makeup choices are similarly cutting edge – wearing a generous amount of bright red eyeshadow and some nude lipgloss, the young celebrity looks absolutely brilliant.

As Kim remarked in an interview with Refinery29, North West has always been into makeup. However, this has never been a subject of family conflicts – the star has consciously refrained from imposing stringent restrictions, opting for a liberal policy instead when it comes to allowing North to play with beauty products. Citing her own father, Kanye West's approach as a source of inspiration, she also added that it was important to let North use makeup, though not entirely without restrictions. As she stated, she wouldn't want to curb her ability to express herself.

"I already know North is into makeup for sure. She had friends over this weekend and some of her girlfriends came and they were just all in her room, giving themselves makeovers. I was like, OK, she's really, really into makeup. When companies send makeup and I have a lot, I'll give it to her."/blockquote>The interview was published after Kim sparked a smaller controversy by posting a picture on Instagram that showed North wearing bright red lipstick. Worried fans responded with dismissive remarks, arguing that she is too young to use beauty products. As Allure reports, some of the commentators were downright offended, questioning Kim's child-rearing abilities altogether.

"Your daughter is how old? Why is she wearing lipstick? Sad," someone commented.

"This red on a five-year-old old is tacky and takes away from their beauty" vented another.

However, the Kardashians see it otherwise. As the WWD cover story demonstrates, North West enjoys wearing lipstick enormously. Despite her young age, she has already become a beauty expert. In fact, she might just be the first to pave the way for her entire generation. According to the accompanying text published by WWD, North's love for makeup is representative of the dominant behavioral patterns exhibited by the whole of the Alpha age group, 69 percent of whom rely excessively on makeup products despite their young age.

It's very possible that Kim and North are onto something.