Four Young Boys Accused Of Raping 19-Year-Old Woman At Gunpoint

Four boys, including three 14-year-olds and one 12-year-old, are being charged with armed sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman. According to Baltimore police, the three teenagers and one pre-teen held the young woman at gunpoint while they raped her.

The mugshots and names of the three 14-year-olds have been released to the public, as they are all being charged as adults for their crimes. Meanwhile, the 12-year-old's name and mugshot have not been made public, as he is being charged as a juvenile for his participation in the crime.

WMAR– a local Baltimore news outlet – reports the four boys allegedly ambushed the 19-year-old woman when she was walking home after exiting a public transit bus on February 6. The boys reportedly forced the woman into a nearby backyard at gunpoint before raping her.

According to police, it was around 10 p.m. near the 300 block of North Fulton Avenue where the sexual assault took place.

Wilmer Ramos, Phillip Worrell, and Nile Campbell have all been charged with both first and second-degree rape, CBS Baltimore confirmed. The unnamed 12-year-old boy is being charged with first-degree rape, third and fourth-degree sexual offenses, conspiracy robbery, conspiracy kidnapping, handgun on person, and perverted practice for his alleged participation in the crime.

According to Baltimore police, neighbors came outside after hearing a commotion, which interrupted the sexual assault and caused all four boys to flee the scene.

After two of the four boys were caught via public transportation cameras, police were able to release photos and request tips on who the boys were. According to CBS Baltimore, Baltimore City School Police contacted the sex offense detectives after watching the news and recognizing the boys in the photos instantly.

The other two boys – who were not caught by the surveillance cameras – were identified shortly after the identity of the first two boys were confirmed.

According to police, the young woman has positively identified all four boys as her attackers.

After being positively identified by the victim, a warrant was issued for the arrest of all four boys. Roughly a week later on February 14, the boys were picked up and arrested by the police.

Ramos, Worrell, and Campbell – the three 14-year-olds – are all currently at Central Booking. Bond information and court date information regarding the three teenagers is not available at this point in time.

Under Maryland state laws, conviction of these sex crimes will require the boys to register as sex offenders for anywhere from 15 years to the rest of their lives, depending on the judge's ruling, per FindLaw.