Lais Ribeiro Rocks Orange Bikini In An Upside Down Photo On Instagram

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Lais Ribeiro rocked an orange bikini on Instagram in her newest post. The photo offered an interesting perspective, as the model lay on her back and floated in the shallow side of the pool. Lais’ body was submerged for the most part, save for her chest and face. The model had her eyes closed, as she smiled with her lips closed. Ribeiro also wore a simple pendant necklace, and her arms were outstretched to the sides.

This is just one of many bikini pics that the model has been sharing lately. According to her second-newest post, it appears that she’s enjoying Mexico. Her other bikini photos showed her in a black ensemble, along with another photo of her crouching by an outdoor fire pit at the beach. She wore a patterned bikini while holding a wine glass in her left hand. Prior to that, she shared a picture of herself lounging on a luxurious patio with an infinity pool. Beyond that is the beach, and it was geo-tagged in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California, in Mexico.

That’s not to mention her stories that gave fans an even closer look at her getaway. She shared a selfie of herself in the mirror on the luxurious hotel patio, while a second video showed a slow panorama of the view. The infinity pool also has a hot tub area, and the beach is literally steps from her pool.

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The Victoria’s Secret model always seems to look very put together, and shared some of her beauty secrets with Vogue.

“I’m pretty minimal when it comes to beauty, but I always have lipstick or lip gloss with me. I’m a firm believer that no matter what, you can always put on a cool pair of sunglasses and then make yourself pop with a nice lip colour.”

Lais also added that some of her beauty tips are centered on certain foods.

“There are so many natural ingredients that work miracles on your skin and hair. Drinking coconut water is hydrating for the skin,” she noted. Plus, she said that “Avocado is great for both hair and skin.”

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I will miss this view ????

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But that’s not to say that she’s anti-beauty products. Ribeiro revealed what works for her.

“I love sheet masks and under-eye masks. I think those are so helpful for depuffing the face and skin and also making it glowy,” she said.

Clearly, maintaining her beautiful skin is a top priority. And it certainly looks like her tricks are all working as she’s glowing in all of her recent photos.

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✌????out Mexico ❤️

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