Kristen Alderson Clarifies Previous ‘General Hospital’ Tease, Says There’s No ‘GH’ Return Ahead

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General Hospital fans recently started buzzing over the idea that actress Kristen Alderson might be returning to the show. She shared a post on Twitter that had everybody wondering, and a lot of speculation emerged about whether she would return as Starr Manning, somehow play Kiki Jerome again, or portray someone else. Now, however, Alderson has clarified her earlier tease, and GH fans will probably be feeling disappointed.

The Inquisitr shared that Alderson had posted a tease within a Valentine’s Day message that said she was about to do something related to General Hospital. The door had been left open with the character of Starr years ago when she was in that role, so it’d be easy to bring her back in that role if she were interested in returning. Having her come back as Kiki would obviously be much more difficult, but fans knew there was a way to piece a story together if Alderson were up for it.

On Wednesday, Alderson took to her Twitter page again and shared an update. Kristen took part in the podcast that General Hospital stars Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson do, and that’s what her prior tease had been about. The actress shared the link to the episode she was on and noted that she’s known Bradford and Steve for a long time.

Some time after that, one follower asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Alderson was returning to General Hospital. The fan noted that she’d be ecstatic if Kristen were headed back in some capacity, but the actress took this opportunity to clarify what was happening.

Alderson said via Twitter that there is no truth to the rumor that she’s returning to General Hospital. She noted that the rumor came about because of the earlier tweet where she teased she was doing something “with” the show, but what she meant was the podcast with Anderson and Burton.

Fans were definitely bummed to see her say there’s no return on the way. Alderson’s name pops up frequently when viewers talk about who they’d love to see back. At least at this point, however, it’s apparently not meant to be.

When Alderson left the soap, she was dating actor Chad Duell, who plays Michael. Kristen and Chad dated for around three years, but split in 2015 shortly after she left General Hospital. After the split, she moved to the East Coast and shared via social media that the decision to end the relationship and move across the country was a difficult one.

Duell has been dating Bold and Beautiful actress Courtney Hope, who plays Sally Spectra, since they met in 2016.

Certainly, the fact that Alderson and Duell dated while she was on the show, but are no longer together, wouldn’t necessarily keep her from returning to the show. However, it does look like Kristen is keeping busy with theater and other projects. Duell’s character of Michael is in dire need of a love interest, but it doesn’t look as if Starr will be popping back into his life.

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As the Inquisitr has detailed, there are some other familiar faces returning to Port Charles soon though. Ingo Rademacher is returning as Jax, and the Inquisitr has also reported that Dominic Zamprogna is coming back as Dante for a short arc.

While some General Hospital fans are disappointed that Kristen Alderson isn’t returning to the show, it’s got to feel good to the actress to know that she’s still got a lot of support from those GH viewers.