Aubrey O'Day Announces Long-Awaited Dumblonde Album Release Date And Pre-Orders

It's finally here. Aubrey O'Day just made Dumblonde fans' day by finally announcing the release date and pre-order of the duo's long-awaited and highly-anticipated album.

According to the singer's Instagram post, the Dumblonde album, Bianca, is available for pre-order today. Within moments, thousands of O'Day's 910,000 followers liked the announcement. Unfortunately, the $8.99 digital record does not feature any previews at this time. The link in O'Day's Instagram bio shows that fans of the band can pre-order on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and pre-save on Spotify.

For now, the tracks listed are, "glad," "that," "i," "found," "my," "way," "out," "i'm in love with myself." It's unclear if those are the final track names, especially since the previously released single, "White Hot Lies," isn't listed. The expected release date is March 4, which is just two days after the last tour date that Dumblonde's O'Day and Shannon Bex have with Dawn Richard for DK3.

All last year, the former star of The Celebrity Apprentice teased the album, which appeared to get some inspiration from O'Day's alleged affair with first son Donald Trump Jr. She and Bex dropped the album's first single, "White Hot Lies," on July 4 in New York City, but after that, nothing else happened because Bex and O'Day reunited with Richard for the third incarnation of Danity Kane, a group that originally formed on MTV's reality TV show, Making The Band.

For months, fans have asked about the new Dumblonde album, and today, they finally have an answer, and to say they're eagerly anticipating the new music is an understatement.

"Ok!!!! This whole album is gonna slap!!!!" one wrote.

Another proclaimed it the "Best news all year."

It's safe to say that many Dumblonde fans jumped for joy when they read the news.

"OMG!!! This just brightened up my day!! Can't wait for the fire you guys are gonna serve!!"

Yesterday, the reality TV star posted an incredible picture of a hairstyle created using roses, and on the unique post, fans wanted to know about the upcoming album that they had dubbed DB2.

"Where is DB2? I hope it's not getting shelved," one asked.

While many people are sad to see DK3 wrap up its "The Universe Is Undefeated Tour," the news of the sophomore offering from Dumblonde will surely make up for the fact that they won't be able to see O'Day, Bex, and Richard perform after next weekend, at least for a while. Fans have waited for the upcoming album since the group's first, which debuted September 25, 2015.