October 30, 2019
'Sports Illustrated' Model Samantha Hoopes Wears Nothing But Tutu Skirt On Instagram

Samantha Hoopes is known for her enviable figure, which she often flaunts on her Instagram page. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model did not disappoint, on Thursday, when she took to the popular social media platform to share a racy snapshot of herself donning nothing but a sheer tutu.

In the photo, the 28-year-old model is featured with her back to the camera as she dons a blueish-white tutu skirt and nothing else. Hoopes is looking over her left shoulder at the camera with an intense gaze and lips slightly parted in a seductive half smile. She is seated on the floor of what looks to be an empty room.

The model is topless with her left arm positioned strategically across her chest, partially covering her breast and censoring the photo for Instagram. Hoopes has her left leg bent up while her right one is not visible in the photo, as it is probably crossed under the model's body.

The Pennsylvania beauty is wearing her chocolate hair in a side sweep and down in loose waves that graze her bare back, reaching down to her waist. A hair clip accessorizes her look in a color matching her tutu. The model has a brown smoky eye and nude lips, while bronzer helps contour the model's face, accentuating her facial structure.

The snapshot, which Hoopes shared with her 1.1 million Instagram followers, racked up nearly 10,000 likes and nearly 100 comments in the first two hours of being up, as of the time of this writing. Users of the social media platform and fans of the model took to the comments section to compliment the model's gorgeous looks and to comment on her new hair color.

"Girl i am living for this brunette you. so beautiful," one user wrote.

"Gorgeous hair and makeup. you look perfect," another one chimed in, emphasizing the message with a fire emoji and OK hand sign.

Last October, Hoopes jetted off to Australia to shoot her spread for the upcoming Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, which will come out in May. As the magazine noted, the model returned for her sixth year with the edition, which was shot in Kanagroo Island with Aussie photographer Josie Clough.

In an April, 2018, Instagram post, Hoopes addressed the struggle of maintaining healthy and active lifestyle in an industry that requires a lot of traveling.

"I was on such a good diet / workout plan but I find it super hard to be consistent with my healthy lifestyle when I'm traveling! I make gains and then I go away and so does my abs! Constancy is key. I'm trying to get my grounds everywhere I go and always make time for myself even if it's only for 20 mins!" she captioned her post.