Victoria's Secret's Candice Swanepoel Shows Off Curves In Red Swimsuit On Instagram

Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel turned up the temperature on her Instagram page with a post in which she's wearing a figure-hugging red swimsuit. In the photos, Swanepoel shows off her lithe, curvy form with an eye-catching pose befitting a fashion model of her pedigree.

The 30-year-old blonde beauty uploaded a photo of herself wearing the swimsuit to her Instagram stories with a link that takes you to the website for her swimsuit line Tropic Of C. In an interview about the brand around the time of its launch, Swanepoel revealed that the project was "a couple of years in the making."

"I was waiting for the right moment," she said, as reported by Fashionista."It took me a while to find a team because you end up working very closely for a long time — I took a lot of meetings. And when Victoria's Secret stopped swim, I just went for it."

As Fashionista notes, Swanepoel's designs differ from a lot of other trend-focused brands by influencers as they are simple, sleek, and timeless. She launched with a limited assortment of swimsuit in a tightly-edited color palette that focused on nudes and neutrals. Her approach appears to be working for her. As of this writing, the brand's Instagram page has over 300,000 followers. Of course, that seems small when compared to the 13.2 million followers on her personal page but her most recent swimsuit, in which she's wearing the red Tropic Of C design, has over 200,000 likes.

Swanepoel isn't the only model with a huge following to start a swimsuit brand. Emily Ratajkowsi has one, too, and it's called Inamorata Swim. Ratajkowski recently expanded her growing fashion empire to include a lingerie line, Inamorata Body, and has changed the name of her brand to Inamorata Woman. Like Swanepoel, her brand also has over 300,000 followers on Instagram but Ratajkowski's follower count eclipses hers by about 50,000.

Their aesthetics are similar though as they both seem to favor classic designs with a nod to vintage swimsuit styles. Ratajkowski offers more patterned suits than Swanepoel does, however.

As notes, Ratajkowski chose a Brooklyn bodega as the location for her lookbook photoshoot. In multiple photos, you can see the leggy brunette surrounded by grocery shelves and newspaper stands as she poses in her underwear.It clear that both of these women are harnessing their looks and social media clout to become self-made moguls in the fashion industry. But it remains to be seen whether building a brand via Instagram is sustainable or whether these businesses could crumble given the volatile nature of social media and its algorithms. We'll just have to wait and see.