Miley Cyrus Looks Nothing Short Of Sensational In A New Instagram Post

Miley Cyrus commands all attention with a new photo posted on Instagram.

Shot by renowned fashion and art photographer Ryan McGinley for the March 2019 issue of Vanity Fair, the picture captures the singer-songwriter whilst she is enjoying the warm rays of the afternoon sun on a beach near Miami.

Miley’s honey blonde and chestnut brown tresses float around in the heavily blowing wind, with a good few locks of hair caught in her face. The singer appears contented, well-rested, serene, so much so that she chose to keep her eyes shut. Judging by her gestures, she looks as though she was in paradise.

Stylist Samira Nasr picked an ensemble that illustrates how much the singer has matured in recent years, dressing her in an elegant pair of palazzo pants made of pink sequins. In a nod to the singer’s coquettish, brazenly provocative nature, Nasr instructed Miley to remain topless, aside from two, rose gold and silver Cartier necklaces adorning her long neck. In the photo, Miley strikes a graceful, eloquent pose, using her hands to cover up her chest, whilst the broad legs of the palazzo pants float subtly in the wind.

This photograph was made for the cover story of the March issue of Vanity Fair. In the accompanying article published on the Vanity Fair website, Miley discusses her recent landmark moments, including the tragic story of how the house she shared with Liam Hemsworth got burnt down during a wildfire, and how she succeeded to move past the harrowing experience. As she states, this is what led her and Hemsworth to get married – the horrible loss had brought them even closer together. She also discusses her ever-persistent emphasis on the importance of embracing queerness, and the difficulties this yielded to in their hetero relationship in the past. She also expresses her unending support for Hilary Clinton, whom she refers to as “her favorite woman in the world.” Most crucially, Miley delves into her current life philosophy and how this fuels her creative process.

“I try to be true to myself in every state of being. When I can, I will stand still, work through, sit in, observe, and get to know exactly ‘who that is’ privately. My creative process comes from feeling inspired by life experiences, not pressured by industry standards. I will never put my own plan before nature’s, or jeopardize personal growth for professional advantage. That said, if it’s a time in my life like now where I am publicly sharing my stories, my music, my art, ‘who I am’ unfolds in front of everyone and we go through all of this together. When people hear my music they hear a fragment of time, something I feel or felt right then.”