‘The Kid’ Trailer Features Ethan Hawke, Dane DeHaan, And A Villainous Chris Pratt

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There have been countless movies about the legend of outlaw Billy the Kid. The most notable of these would be Young Guns starring Emilio Estevez in the titular role. This time around, the story will be told from a different perspective, with Vincent D’Onofrio taking the helm as director of The Kid. The film sees Dane DeHaan in the lead role of Billy, and he is set to be chased and hunted down by a lawman played by Ethan Hawke.

A Lionsgate production, the trailer for The Kid recently debuted on their YouTube channel. Looking like an old-fashioned Western, the trailer features a great song playing as the action unfolds, effective in conveying the drama and the tense nature of the sequences. While most traditional Billy the Kid films portray the character as a charming man who is an anti-hero, one to be admired and looked up to, The Kid seems to be going in a different direction. Even DeHaan’s portrayal and demeanor as the Kid is contradictory to other such portrayals of the same character. DeHaan looks disheveled, uncouth, and incredibly brash as he happens upon a family in need of rescue.

Up and coming actor Jake Schur plays a boy with an abusive father who looks to Billy as his savior. The story is complicated, as Billy is caught by the lawman hunting him — and the boy’s uncle also appears to be looking for revenge. The story of The Kid seems very limited in scope, moreso about this one specific adventure than a chronicling of the character’s life.

Ethan Hawke attends the 2018 New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Ethan Hawke attends the 2018 New York Film Critics Circle AwardsFeatured image credit: Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Ethan Hawke is in top form as a newly appointed sheriff in charge of bringing in Billy the Kid. As usual, Hawke’s talent is on full display. He looks completely immersed in the western setting of the film. The biggest surprise of The Kid has to be the casting of Chris Pratt in a role that’s a huge departure from his usual appearances.

Pratt, most recently appearing in The Lego Movie 2, is known for his comedic heroes in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. He looks to be playing a villain in The Kid. Rendered completely unrecognizable, Pratt is the driving force after the boy and Billy. The action leads to a showdown between him and Hawke’s sherriff.

The Kid looks like an interesting concept from actor turned director Vincent D’Onofrio. With all the makings of being an incredible Western, the film seeks to deliver some great performances, along with a story that takes inspiration from — but tells a new tale of — the legendary outlaw.