MLB Rumors: Here Is How Much The Nationals Have Offered Bryce Harper, And It Is Rather Insane

Scott TaetschGetty Images

With Manny Machado agreeing to a contract with the San Diego Padres, fans of Major League Baseball have turned their attention to Bryce Harper. Everyone was already watching Harper’s status — to see which of the numerous teams will end up landing him — but the rumors just keep getting more confusing. The MLB free agent could end signing with any number of clubs, but how much are they willing to pay for him?

How much are the Washington Nationals willing to pay to keep him?

The San Diego Padres agreed upon a deal with Manny Machado, agreeing to pay him $300 million over 10 years, which is absolutely huge. The thing is that Harper is expected to fetch even more, and as The Inquisitr reported, the Padres may be the team that is willing to give it to him if that’s what he wants.

Rumors are flying around that the Padres are willing to pay him $330 million over 10 years — but so are the Philadelphia Phillies. The San Francisco Giants are still in contention for him, but the Chicago White Sox appear to have dropped out.

As many MLB teams keep hoping to land him, his old team of the Washington Nationals really aren’t saying a whole lot. The reason they are keeping rather quiet on Bryce Harper is that they’ve made their offer to the coveted free agent, and they aren’t willing to go any higher.

According to, Harper wants a deal that is bigger than the one that was given to Machado by the Padres — and the Nationals aren’t buying it. Harper’s agent, Scott Boras, and the outfielder reportedly turned down an offer of $300 million over 10 years from the Nationals last year.

Right now, they’re looking to get more than the $325 million that the Miami Marlins gave Giancarlo Stanton before his trade to the Yankees. The Nationals have no intention of going higher than their offer of $300 million over 10 years, and that likely takes them out of the running.

NBC Sports reports that the offer from the Nationals wasn’t even that good, as some sources say $100 million of it would be deferred money. That makes his deal worth the same amount as the present value of a straight-up 10-year deal worth $244 million — which isn’t good with Harper.

When at least two teams are willing to pay him north of $300 million, Bryce Harper isn’t likely to take a deal that offers him at least $50 million less. Knowing that the deal is structured in that fashion, Harper isn’t willing to take it — and that essentially knocks the Nationals out of contention.

2019 spring training is just about to begin, and there is nothing saying that Bryce Harper has to be signed by the time the season starts. Any team that eventually lands him would like to get him into the clubhouse now, but patience is a virtue when dealing with a player of his talent. The Padres, Giants, and Phillies all appear to still be in contention for him, but the Washington Nationals have made their play, offered their money, and seem to be moving on.