Peggy Uhle: Southwest Airlines Passenger's Son 'Continuing To Recover'

Peggy Uhle, the Southwest Airlines passenger whose story of an airline's selfless devotion went viral, continues to play the waiting game when it comes to the health of her son.

According to reports from My Fox Philly, Uhle's son slipped into a coma as she boarded a Southwest Airlines flight. Reportedly, her husband could not reach her because she'd turned off her phone.

That's when the airline staff went to work.

The BoardingArea blog reports that Southwest went above and beyond the call of duty to redirect the plane Peggy Uhle was on, get her onto another non-stop flight to Denver, and even pack her a lunch for when she got off the plane.

The Inquisitr has the rest of the details from a previous article on May 27.

"The airline had Peggy's bags transferred to Denver, packed her a lunch for the plane ride, gave her priority seating, and even provided her with a private waiting area to speak with her husband prior to the flight," the article explains, adding that "after she exited her plane in Denver," Peggy said the airlines had her luggage delivered to where she was staying and also called to check on her son.

Unfortunately, Peggy's son isn't out of the woods, but the Inquisitr will continue to keep you posted as this develops.

As with many viral news stories, naysayers immediately started to question the viability of this feel-good tale. From BoardingArea, some criticized the initial reporting.

"This seems fabricated," writes Cory Fritch.

"Did you check on the veracity of this story in any way? Did she show proof of tickets? Did you talk to her on the phone? Perhaps it may seem uncouth to ask for documentation when clearly there are more pressing matters, but this story is gaining traction and I don't believe much of the details and the way they've continued to be altered in subsequent references to this piece. It'd be good to know that this isn't just someone sending you in a story under the guise of being 'good news' material."

Another commenter didn't care if the story was true or not. She just wasn't impressed by Southwest Airlines from prior experience.

"Spare me.... I tried to get from ABQ to Chicago on Southwest when my 25-year-old son was in a car wreck in 2007. He had broken his back and needed to undergo neurosurgery and I was very, very short on cash. I was in such a state of anxiety that I couldn't focus or concentrate on making travel plans so I contacted their customer service department and explained the situation hoping for some help. They wouldn't budge but assured me that they were very sorry.... No they weren't."

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