'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Billy Goes After Phyllis

New The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Billy isn't content to let Phyllis lose her relationship with Nick due to her dealmaking with Christine. No, he wants to rub salt in the wound and make sure Phyllis loses everything.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) promptly kicks Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) to the curb when he learns she betrayed his family, according to Inquisitr. With her personal life in shambles, Phyllis will have to throw herself into work, right? Wrong. Now, Billy (Jason Thompson) thinks that Phyllis is a liability at Jabot, too, and he tries to figure out a way to oust her from the CEO position.

Billy actor Jason Thompson recently explained the situation to Soap Opera Digest.

He said, "Billy sees this as similar to what he went through with his gambling addiction and how everyone could see how bad this was for the company. So, Billy goes to Jack and tells him that there's no way that this is going to end well, which is why they need to get Phyllis out of Jabot."

Of course, Jack (Peter Bergman) still has a soft spot where Phyllis is concerned, so getting Jack on board will be tricky for Billy. First, he needs to reassure his brother he's not being vindictive and genuinely is looking out for the best way to preserve their father, John Abbott's, legacy.

Thompson insists that Billy isn't trying to be vindictive to Phyllis, which seems surprising considering they still have some animosity and very likely unfinished business with each other. Billy truly feels concerned that Phyllis's negative press from being attached to J.T.'s murder and subsequent coverup will cause significant issues for Jabot and its image. He wants to ensure that the best person is leading the company moving forward, and for him, that person is not Phyllis even though she won the CEO position fairly.

Billy goes to Jack with the suggestion that they enlist Kerry (Alice Hunter) to their cause to gather information about Phyllis without her realizing it, which makes Jack squeamish. He's just newly into the relationship, and Jack has been extremely clear with Kerry that he isn't interested in games. While this isn't necessarily a relationship game, it's still a game played to get the dirt on Phyllis.

"Billy isn't being sleazy, but he does want to be as diligent as much as he can in order to get the information they'll need. However, this will be a hard sell to Jack," said Thompson.