‘Ghostbusters 3’ Director Jason Reitman Accused Of Sexism After Saying He’ll ‘Hand The Movie Back To The Fans’

Tim P. WhitbyGetty Images

Jason Reitman, who is set to write and direct the Ghostbusters reboot — tentatively referred to by some as Ghostbusters 3— has come under fire on social media for comments he made regarding his plans for the upcoming film, reports Fox News.

Recently, Jason made a guest appearance on an episode of the Bill Burr Podcast, where he talked about his vision for the upcoming film. Reitman mentioned that he didn’t want to direct the “Juno of Ghostbusters movies,” promising a return to the series’ original style.

“I love this franchise. I grew up watching it. I consider myself the first a Ghostbusters fan. I was like 7-years-old when that movie came out and I love it. I want to make a movie for my fellow Ghostbusters fans,” Reitman explained to Burr. “We are, in every way, trying to go back to the original technique and hand the movie back to the fans.”

It seems this comment has attracted its fair share of criticism from some prominent social media users. As Fox News notes, Reitman’s remarks were interpreted to be a jab at 2016’s Ghostbusters, which featured an all-female cast, with actresses Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon taking on the role of the eponymous paranormal-hunting team.

As reported by Refinery29, 2016’s Ghostbusters — also known as Ghostbusters: Answer the Call — received backlash and criticism in response to the all-female cast. The film was also met with lukewarm reception upon its release. On Metacritic, the film has an average review score of 660, indicating “mixed or average reviews,” based on over 50 reviews from top film critics. The film performed poorly at the box office, losing $70 million, as reported by the University Herald.

According to SlashFilm, Reitman’s Ghostbusters reboot will feature four teenagers — two male and two female — who will serve as recruits for the new team. Even with a gender-diverse cast, some critics took issue with Reitman’s comments. James Poniewozik, a TV critic for the New York Times, referred to Reitman’s remarks as “gross.” Critic Alicia Lutes, who has written for IGN, CinemaBlend, and the Nerdist, had similar issues with Reitman’s comments.

Jason Reitman is a Canadian-American director, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for directing the films Thank You For Smoking, Up in the Air, and Juno. He is the son of director and producer Ivan Reitman, who is best known for directing the first two Ghostbusters films. Ivan served as producer on 2016’s Ghostbusters.