Meghan Markle & Beyonce Have Come Full Circle & Fans Want Them To Meet

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Fresh off her $200,000 baby shower held at the swanky Mark Hotel in New York City, Meghan Markle may just have another surprise waiting for her in the form of a friendship with none other than Beyonce and Jay-Z, who featured a portrait of the Duchess of Sussex prominently behind them as they thanked fans after winning a BRIT Award.

This threw fans of the royal mom-to-be and the Beyhive (Beyonce’s loyal fans) into a Twitter frenzy, and fans are calling for Serena Williams, a close pal of Markle, to get both the British royal and music royalty to meet.

Now we don’t know just how tight Beyonce is with Williams, but Twitter really wants this meet-up to happen.

Good Morning America reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z accepted their prestigious BRIT Award in the category of Best International Group 2019 in front of a portrait of Markle. The couple recreated their groundbreaking “Apes**t” video, placing a portrait of Markle behind them, where the famed Mona Lisa would usually be.

In the couple’s speech, Beyonce stated, “Everything is love, thank you.” The couple then turned around, placed their backs to the camera, and looked at the portrait of Markle.

Beyonce then posted her own photo and caption to thank fans for the award and again, she paid homage to Markle.

Twitter took this as a sign the two should meet, and fans quickly began campaigning for this epic matchup to happen, calling on Williams to step up.

Now Williams just threw Markle a baby shower of epic proportions in the $75,000-a-night penthouse suite at The Mark, which boasts two full floors and a wraparound outdoor deck. It was named the most expensive hotel room in America, according to CNBC. But to set up what could be called a “meet and greet” with the king and queen of hip-hop? That would take some serious negotiations.

Fan support for the connection could push the three together closer than anything else. Twitter has been flooded with posts to make this happen and fast.

Fans stated on Twitter, “Ok this friendship needs to happen,” and also “A Queen supporting our Queen.”

Perhaps the comment with the quickest quip regarding a friendship between Beyonce and Markle was, “If I was Meghan I would’ve invited her to the wedding then we’d be obligated to be friends.”

Markle and Prince Harry wed in May 2018 after dating for less than one year and becoming engaged in November 2017. The couple was set up on a blind date by Mischa Nonoo, a pal of the two who believed they would be a good match.

Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child together in the spring.