Yoko Ono Is 80, Wants To ‘Stay Alive’ [Video]

Yoko Ono turned 80 on Monday and has one, simple birthday wish: To stay alive.

MSN notes that, though Ono is a controversial figure, best known for breaking up The Beatles (even though Paul McCartney insists that she’s unjustly blamed for that), she has recently turned herself into quite an accomplished artist.

Ono turns 80-years-old today, prompting The Huffington Post to reach out to her for a comment on the milestone. Her full, unabridged reply (via email):

“To stay alive, healthy and wise, and dance together in peace and love. yoko.”

Fair enough, Yoko.

Aside from supposedly breaking up The Beatles, Ono is well known as an avant garde performance artist, called the “world’s most famous unknown artist,” by the late John Lennon.

Interestingly, Ono has always been a forward-thinking gal when it comes to engagement with social networking. Today, her work mostly originates online. She has a public Instagram account, which is always interesting to peruse, as well as a project called #smilesfilm, which is an attempt to edit smiles from all over the planet into one superclip.

If you want to help Ono celebrate her birthday today, you can take a photo of yourself captioned with your birthday and the hashtag #smilesfilm and put it up on Instagram. She explains it in the below YouTube video.

Happy birthday from IQ to Yoko Ono! Here’s looking at another 80 years, kiddo.