Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Franco’s Guilty Plea Has Everyone In Shock, Liz Heartbroken

Craig SjodinABC Press

Wednesday turned out to be quite an emotional day on ABC’s General Hospital. Between Laura and Kevin’s sweet reunion and Franco’s day in court, fans were left wondering what was going to happen next. Everyone in the courtroom was in total shock when Franco Baldwin blurted out that he pleaded guilty to killing three people and stabbing Lulu. His life appears to be in shambles, but this is all part of Jordan’s plan to scope out the real serial killer.

Poor Franco is now left with nothing, not even his new wife Elizabeth, after he appeared to change his mind. He told her that it was the right thing to do when she confronted him. She was so upset with him that she slapped him hard across the face. She then took off her wedding rings and threw them at her husband. He is now scrambling not to let panic set in. Soap Central says that Terry will be on hand to help Liz. She is going to need all the comfort and help that she can get at this point.

Liz isn’t the only one who is completely shocked by Franco’s guilty plea. Everyone’s mouths flew open when it looked like he was confessing to the murders. Scotty was definitely not prepared for what was coming. As Franco’s attorney and dad, he was left scrambling to figure out what to do next.

Despite hearing those words straight from Franco in court, Ava still doesn’t believe that he would ever kill Kiki. The funny thing is that even Lulu, who was a victim in all of this, told Ava and Ryan that something was off about the whole thing. Ava agreed with her.

Kevin was sitting next to Ava smirking when Franco pleaded guilty. He is thrilled that he is taking the fall for his crimes. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that he won’t be happy for long. Just as Jordan was hoping for, the real killer will once again strike someone else. Hopefully, the PCPD will be ready for it.

The previews for Thursday’s show indicates that Cameron will be furious and once again lash out at Liz. He is expected to throw it all in his mom’s face that she just married a serial killer. This won’t end well as Cam will be getting himself into trouble again.

This whole charade is a heartbreaking situation for Franco. He finally got his life together and a family of his own. Ryan Chamberlain will be caught soon, so hold onto your hats as there is much more to come on General Hospital.