Ariel Winter Shows Off Curves While Wearing Nothing But T-Shirt In Sexy New Instagram Snap

Ariel Winter has just turned 21, and the actress appears to be happier than ever.

The Modern Family star recently posed for a sultry photo shoot for Schon magazine, and the results were beautiful. On Wednesday, Ariel shared a black-and-white snap from her magazine spread, which showed her chilling in a casual, yet skimpy, outfit consisting of an oversized t-shirt and a wool coat, but no pants. In the photo, she casually sits barefoot on a chair and rests her face and hand on the one leg she has up, showcasing her toned pins and dark toenail polish.

She gazes at the camera intensively while her long raven locks are swept to one side, and she appears to be wearing very minimal makeup. Ariel sports a light-gray t-shirt and a comfy-looking knit jacket, which slightly falls down her right shoulder. The photo was such an instant hit among her nearly four million followers that it racked up over 136,000 likes and almost 800 comments in under 12 hours.

In another photo from the sultry shoot, the Hollywood star is seen spreading her legs open while rocking the same outfit and sitting on the same chair, exuding the sort of confidence that she has worked hard to find throughout the past decade in the spotlight.

"I don't think anybody ever becomes a hundred per cent unwaveringly confident. Just because we're human beings and we will never be perfect, and that's better."
"It's better that we never strive for perfection, and we just understand that we're all people. Everybody has flaws, and those flaws are great. Of course: you should work on yourself as much as possible — work on loving yourself and being the best version of who you want to be. That's what matters," she told the magazine.

It's no surprise that Ariel comes across as extremely wise at such a young age, considering that she has been exposed to all sorts of situations ever since she started acting at the tender age of four. She explained that she went through a difficult phase between the ages of 14 and 16, where she would do things to be seen as "cool" by virtually everyone — her peers, the internet, the media, the world. Eventually, she realized that she couldn't appease everyone, and started working on feeling good about herself despite what other people said.

"I think I'm in a pretty good place with my confidence, with myself and I'm proud that I got there. I'm really proud that I got there," she added.