February 21, 2019
Amber Heard Showcases Her Ample Assets With 'Alice In Wonderland'-Themed Instagram Post

Amber Heard puts her ravishing cleavage on full display with an Alice in Wonderland-inspired photograph.

Shot by visionary fashion photographer Emman Montalvan for the spring issue of the cutting-edge magazine Wonderland, the photo takes a masterpiece crucial to the history of high culture as the set-up for a coquettish, brazenly provocative scene. Using Lewis Carrol's ever-popular novel, the 1865 Alice in Wonderland as the starting point, the picture provides the viewer with a much-deserved and ever-so-delightful serving of raunch. In other words, once you look at the picture, you'll see cleavages and literary masterpieces under an entirely new light.

The American actress strikes a stocky, oddly inanimate and artificial pose. She fixes her piercing blue eyes toward the back end of the room at an object hidden from the viewers' eyesight. Her face remains largely expressionless, completely doll-like, as though her head was moved around with strings held by an invisible puppeteer. Her neck is tilted at an unusual angle, as though it couldn't bear the weight of the head. To topple it all, Heard wears a cherry-red lipstick that would make pantomime actors and the stars of golden age-era Hollywood films go green with jealousy. It's a bold lip, so much so that it borders on exaggeration. The style of her hair is similarly eccentric. Amber's chestnut brown tresses were doused with a translucent gel, and two locks were used to sculpt a small crown, an architectural marvel of sorts.

The styling of the outfit fits the "Queen of Hearts"-turned-seductress theme as well. Amber wears a collar-ruff-hybrid, a modern version of the thick collar donned obligatorily by every courtier during the early-modern era. This was paired with a sharply tailored, black blazer jacket, the kind of garment you would expect to see on old-fashioned socialites. However, the number comes with a clever twist: a neckline so deep-plunging that it barely covers up anything from the bosom area. The actress's beautifully shaped, perky cleavage is at the focal point of the attention.

This is far from the first time Amber stuns audiences with a dramatic look. In November 2018, she donned a 50s-inspired, vintage swimming cap made of delicate green and gold lace with a matching gown for the premiere of Aquaman. As the Huffington Post reports, the star put co-stars and the mythology-inspired interior design to shame with the extraordinary fashion statement. In a similar ilk, the star attended the 2018 Met Gala in an unforgettable ensemble. There, she wore a crimson red, skin-tight gown, which she paired with a golden tiara. As the Insider reports, the headpiece was made of gold-sprayed zip ties.