Is Colton Underwood Still With His Final Pick? Reality Steve Says Yes, Despite Buzz Over Accuracy Of Spoilers

This has been a pretty wild week for Bachelor Colton Underwood, both on the air and off. Monday night's episode brought forth some buzzworthy allegations and denials, and during a recent podcast Underwood teased that the spoilers floating around about how his journey ends are wrong. Viewers won't get to see exactly how this season ends for a few weeks yet. In the meantime, though, gossip guru Reality Steve is sharing some brief updates about where things supposedly stand between Colton and his final pick -- and he says that they're still a couple.

Viewers now know that Reality Steve's spoilers about Colton's final four were accurate. In Episode 8 -- set to air on Monday, February 25 -- fans will watch as Hannah Godwin, Cassie Randolph, Tayshia Adams, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes introduce Underwood to their families.

These hometown visits come after Colton asked serious questions about which bachelorettes might not be ready for an engagement, and both Cassie and Caelynn were raised as possibilities. However, both Randolph and Miller-Keyes fought against these allegations coming from other cast members, and Underwood was left feeling rattled.

As the Inquisitr has previously shared, Reality Steve has detailed what he believes happens in the last couple of episodes belonging to Colton's season. If his Bachelor spoilers are right, there will be shocking early eliminations, a stunning bachelorette-initiated departure, a lack of a final rose ceremony, and no proposal.

Despite all of that supposed chaos, Reality Steve's spoilers have said that Colton does end up in a relationship with someone by the time the cameras stop rolling. According to the blogger's latest post, the two are still together. When asked how things are supposedly going between Underwood and his lady, the gossip king shared a few spare details.
"I don't hear details like that. All I usually hear is are they together or aren't they. And they are."
This latest confirmation comes just a day after Underwood tried to muddy the spoiler waters. As the Inquisitr detailed, Colton just did Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off the Vine podcast -- and claims that the spoilers are incorrect.

Reality Steve doesn't seem to be rattled by Underwood's assertion, though. In his newest blog post, he acknowledges that there are some spoilers he hasn't pinned down. For example, he says that he doesn't know exactly know how or when some contestants are eliminated in the weeks ahead -- or why they don't get dates that they anticipated. However, he maintains that the overall Bachelor spoilers he has revealed are accurate.

Colton may be saying that Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers are wrong, but he's said little about how his season ends. Colton didn't go into detail about what's supposedly inaccurate within the blogger's teasers. The Inquisitr has noted that Colton and his lady seemingly accidentally spoiled at least a little bit about their ending some time ago, but that's about all that's emerged so far which seems to confirm the existing spoilers.

Will the upcoming Bachelor finale reveal that Colton Underwood and his final pick are together as Reality Steve's spoilers detail, or will there be shockers playing out on this front? Things are really heating up as this season progresses, and fans cannot wait to get solid answers about exactly what went down during filming.