Pink's 2-Year-Old Son Already Knows How To Ride An Electric Bike

Pink and Carey Hart's 2-year-old son, Jameson, proved to the world on Tuesday that talent is hereditary. Hart, a professional motocross racer, shared a video to Instagram of his young son riding around effortlessly on an electric bike, Entertainment Tonight reported. From the looks of it, Jameson is a natural on two wheels, just like his father!

The video showed Jameson in a workshop balancing himself on a miniature bike as Hart followed closely behind to keep him safe. The young rider looked adorable in a camo-colored jacket, black pants, a black helmet, and red and blue rain boots. Meanwhile, the couple's daughter, Willow, 7, opted to ride around on a bright pink two-wheeled scooter.

"Jamo blows me away!!!! Today at the shop I broke out his @ridestacyc electric bike. Literally his first go he made it the length of my shop!" Hart wrote in the caption. "I was a little nervous about the throttle, but he picked it up instantly. Not bad for 2 years old. Gonna have my hands full lol."

Jameson was riding a STACYC vehicle, which is designed for children between ages 3 and 7 to help improve their biking skills, according to People.

The video currently has over 3,000 views. In the comments, fans and fellow riders were thoroughly impressed with the young boy's skills.

"Wow! I didn't think that was possible for such a young kid! Really cool to see, go Jamo!" one person wrote.

"I actually know adults that don't know how to ride a non-motor bike...this 2-year-old already passed them," another joked.

The comments on Tuesday's video appear to be free of negativity, but Hart is no stranger to criticism. In December, the father faced backlash for allowing Jameson, who was just 1-year-old at the time, to ride a full-size dirt bike. Hart, of course, was at the wheel decked out in full motorbiking gear while Jameson sat at his lap. However, many parent-shamers took issue with the fact that the little boy did not have any protective gear himself, ET reported at the time.

"Nice eye protection for the kid," one person said sarcastically.

Both Pink and Hart are known to deflect critics with their own sarcasm, though. Hart simply told the commenter to "move along."

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Pink has spoken out against trolls many times in the past. She once penned a lengthy "Hart Family PSA" tweet to let everyone know exactly how she and her husband will raise their children – without input from social media followers.