Kristoff St. John's Final TV Appearance Aired On 'Steve Harvey'

Yesterday, Steve Harvey welcomed former The Young and the Restless stars Victoria Rowell (ex-Dru Winters) and Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) to remember and pay tribute to the late Kristoff St. John, who portrayed Neil Winters on the show.

Before the soap vets came on the show to remember St. John, who died at his home on Super Bowl Sunday, Harvey explained that the late actor filmed a segment for the show's Straight Talk Panel. Until Harvey aired the clip on yesterday's show, the segment had not yet aired. Harvey told the audience that they believe the moment marks St. John's final TV appearance.

In the clip, Harvey posed the question, "Is it safe for married men to have casual female friends?" The issue came about because of Vice President Mike Pence's insistence that he never dine alone with another woman. The men who weighed in included St. John, Tank, and Dr. Drew, in addition to Harvey.

The other men in the segment pointed at St. John to start the discussion, which is a controversial topic. His stance was that no, men should not go out alone with another female. Tank, aka Durrell Babbs, weighed in with a counter-argument to St. John's take. Tank said he had female friends before, and he should be able to continue those friendships as long as his wife felt comfortable with the women.

St. John disagreed. He told Tank his female friends are gone now. Dr. Drew said, "you can't be anywhere where the train can leave the station." Ultimately, the doctor said that perhaps the vice president is onto something, especially regarding alcohol. In the end, though, Dr. Drew said that older men and women could be friends as long as they hadn't just "settled" for friendship instead of a relationship because of disinterest on one person's part.

Then Harvey brought the whole thing home, and he said female friendships had a high percentage a chance of turning into a problem. St. John said he could not have a friendship with a woman he was attracted to.

After the segment, Harvey welcomed both Rowell and Davidson to the show, Inquisitr reported. Rowell remembered the kind of person St. John was, and then shared a lighter moment when she mentioned that he had been a good kisser during their time together as a married couple on Y&R. Later, Davidson came on and broke down in tears remembering how he and St. John had children around the same time.

St. John's ex-wife Mia St. John shared the clip on Twitter, and wrote, "Remember him like this, funny, charming, [and] lovable."