Jasmine Sander Showcases Her Ravishing Physique With A New Instagram Post

Jasmine Sanders put her stunning physique on full display with a new picture series posted to Instagram on Tuesday night.

Wearing a fun and playful, revue-inspired outfit and a pair of matching, scarlet-colored heels, the German-American model looks as though she just waltzed out of a vaudeville musical. The sizzling one-piece merely covers up her gorgeous body, drawing all eyes to her plump cleavage and her mile-long legs.

The first picture shows the model casually lounging on a butter-soft leather sofa, a piece of designer furniture that could potentially pass as a casting couch. In a feeble attempt to cover up her ample assets, the model grabs a hefty stash of paper print-outs that look eerily similar to a movie script. She keeps her legs close to her body, inviting us to cast a good long glance at her sightly shins. Her shoes alone, a pair of lace-up heels made of sensuous, scarlet red silk, would be worth bursting into a song about.

To complete the look, the model tied her brunette tresses into a pitch-perfect bun, with not a single baby hair gone rogue in sight. Her makeup is as stunning as one would expect from a bonafide diva. She accentuated her eyes with a generous touch of shimmering, silver-gray eyeshadow, whilst she chose a sunrise-orange blush and some luminous highlighter for her cheeks. With one eyebrow slightly raised, she casts a piercing, ice-cold stare at the camera.

In the second picture, Sanders appears a great deal more relaxed: her legs are spread out on the sofa, she stretched her arms out, and she barely holds onto the stash of papers anymore. Resting her weight on the right elbow, she turns her torso to the camera, allowing us to take a peek at her entrancing derriere.

This isn't the first time the 27-year-old model showcased her talents as a performer. As the Daily Mail reports, in 2016 Sanders featured in a clip for the "Advent Calendar" feature ran by Love magazine. In the short clip, she plays a wild, rebellious woman whose platinum blonde curls alone could entice the entire population of a smaller country. Wearing nothing but a fluorescent orange top and a flimsy pair of black exercise shorts, Sanders had shown just how good of an eye she had for adding a sense of tension to her characters. With the "Advent Calendar," she demonstrated that she is just as talented as a model as she is as an actress - a disposition the recently published Instagram post also proves.