Morrissey Quits Protesting Against The 'Annual Baby Seal Kill' And Announces First Canadian Tour In 15 Years

It's good news for Canadian Morrissey fans. The Smiths icon has overturned his boycott of the country for "ethical reasons" and decided to perform there for the first time in 15 years.

NME reports that Morrissey will launch his big Canadian adventure on April 15 at Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre before slogging his way around the rest of the North American country and winding up in Montreal on April 29.

In 2006, Morrissey declared that he would never play in Canada again due to the "horrific slaughter" of animals that took place in the country.

The Brit songbird has been vehemently vocal in his criticisms of what he has branded the "savage and Neanderthal annual baby seal kill."

Morrissey has previously described the Canadian seal cull as "greedy and barbaric" and previously announced he would never step foot in the country again as a "small protest against this horrific slaughter."

In 2014 the Guardian reported that Canada's fisheries minister Gail Shea accused "Mr. Morrissey and his brainwashed Hollywood buddies" of looking for a "popularity boost" by slamming what she described as a "well-regulated" cull that targets "a plentiful and profitable resource."

In a letter written to, Shea wrote, "They should take the time to actually consider the facts, or talk to the people whose lives are affected by the seal hunt … but that might be too difficult to do from the ivory towers of Hollywood."

Shea went on to add that since the 1980s when Bridgette Bardot first condemned the seal cull, hard-working sealers have had to contend with foreign millionaires, who make their money off of record sales and TV ratings, tell them how they should conduct themselves and live their lives.

Morrissey snapped back by asking Shea why doesn't she "place herself amongst the tens of thousands of grey-coated harp seals that will be slaughtered. She could then test the humane aspect of having her head blown off."

Inuits clubbing seals to death at the killing ground on St Paul Island in Alaska
Getty Images | Hulton Archive

The National Post reports that although Canada's tradition of hunting seals may ignite outrage abroad, seal clubbing will never die in the country because almost every Canadian MP, regardless of religion or party, agrees with and supports it.

It would now appear that Morrissey has reluctantly conceded to that cold, hard fact. The singer explained, "My voice was drowned out by the merciless swing of spiked axes crushing the heads of babies. On my return to Canada, I feel that I can be of more use by making sizeable donations to animal protection groups in each city that I play."