Dutch Steakhouse Admits To Using Horse Meat For Last 63 Years

There’s been a lot of talk recently about horse meat. Are you outraged that it’s been found on school menus? Or that it has been mixed in to create hamburgers? Well, you probably shouldn’t eat at Amsterdam steakhouse Piet de Leeuw.

The Dutch steakhouse recently admitted that it’s been using horse meat for the last 63 years.

Owner Loek van Thiel initially denied the rumor saying that he only uses South American Beef at the restaurant. A series of tests, however, told a different story.

Van Thiel admitted this weekend that his steakhouse has been using horse meat for decades.

Van Thiel said:

“I’ve never considered saying ‘horse steak’ on the menus. People enjoyed their food, business was good, so why should I?’

According to Dutch News, the Amsterdam steakhouse started using horse meat when Van Thiel’s father, a horse meat butcher, purchased the building. The restaurant has continued its practice for more than six decades and requires staff to sign a contract banning them from talking about the horse meat.

It’s unclear what will happen to Piet de Leeuw from a legal perspective but it’s probably safe to say that the Amsterdam steakhouse will be losing a few customers.

What do you think? Should Van Thiel have labeled his steaks as horse meat steaks?